Read: Nnamdi Kanu’s Self Acclaimed Disciple Simeon Ekpa’s History And Secret Agenda Unfolds

A man (Divine Biron) that knows SIMON EKPA one-on-one wrote the following about Simon.

Divine Biron wrote:

  • Simon Ekpa is a practicing lawyer. He is also an immigration lawyer.
  • Simon owns a company that supply Finland 🇫🇮 government stationary and other materials.
  • He employed 27 people.
  • One of them is my cousin who is working for Simon as one of his accountants.

Simon Ekpa just started a new company in Chile 🇨🇱 where he is a supplier of government stationary through Adam Smith.

Three months ago, he ventured into properties in Africa. My company in South Africa is managing Simon’s 11 properties in Africa for him.

On the 13th December this year, I sent 14 million naira to his lawyer in Ebonyi where he is buying Christmas gifts like food hampers for widows and poor families.

Simon does this every Christmas in his community. The evidence are on videos online.

Simon built 6 small houses for poor people in his home town this year alone.

I did the project for him through my company in Enugu. Yesterday he sent to me $13000 for Christmas gift in Chile.

He is a member of the ruling party and undercover interpol in Finland 🇫🇮.

Simon gave two properties to four Nigerian families for free accommodation in Finland 🇫🇮. I was there last month.His wife is from the Finnish Royal family and he is a solid politician in Finland 🇫🇮.

When I hear r@ts talking and abusing him, I laugh.

Wait until he rounds off with Russia 🇷🇺 in January 2023 meetings, your eyes shall open. This guy is solid..

Have you wondered how he gets those inside information about Nigeria. He is an interpol and he has many people in the system working for him. They offload intel to him..

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