Restructuring Of The Mind: Strategic Leadership, Vibrant Citizenship And The Tragedy Of Idiots

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Strategic Leadership, Vibrant Citizenship And The Tragedy Of Idiots
Strategic Leadership, Vibrant Citizenship And The Tragedy Of Idiots
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The wonder boy and current president of Rwanda, President Paul Kagame a very good example of leadership, who over time has been a reference point; competent, Consistent and Compassionate. A man that turned a country around from a war-ravaged to a beautiful place. He posited: “If the owners of natural resources go around the beginning, then you should know there’s something wrong with their minds.” The wonder boy further validates the position: “I would rather argue, that we need to mobilize the right mindsets, rather than more funding, after all, In Africa, we have everything we need, in terms of whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire, and yet we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external financial. We are even begging for things, we already have.”- Paul Kagame.

Similarly, Prof Attahiru Jega, a former Vice-chancellor of Bayero University, Kano and a two-term chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) puts the situation of poor leadership in our dear nation Nigeria in proper context when he once posited that: “Nigeria has been afflicted by the misfortune of having characters in governance who are neither selfless nor visionary, who are greedy whether for power or money; who are essentially clueless about matters of governance and reckless in the way they handle government affairs.”

Flowing from the above, and considering the sorrow state of our beloved nation, a once prosperous and buoyant economy which is now officially designated as the headquarters of extreme poverty globally. This is certainly not the nation that our heroes envisioned.

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It was completely an embarrassing and shameful display of eloquence of arrogance when a bewildered nation was told by the number three citizen, Sen Ahmed Lawan. He said: “Nigeria is not rich and we will continue to borrow money from right, left and centre.” This was a very sad moment for some of us, knowing the amount of resources available to the nation from different sources of revenue. Such a humongous amount of money in trillions of dollars mismanaged or looted.

No nation rises above the versatility of its citizens and the level of thinking of its leaders. If you truly want to know the true capacity of leaders check the outcome in people’s lives and per Capita income. The signs and evidence of perilous times are clearly established. Our political and civic spaces are currently being threatened and stifled by the elements of retrogression..we owe it a duty to be steadfast and act wisely as a people and responsible citizens.

Action, they say is the foundational key to success. Therefore, it has become imperative that we as good people, our vibrant youths and statesmen need to get cracking, the time has come for us to take the bull by the horns. The present political gladiators headed by Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari RTD, are not pretending all, I see a set of people who are likely to get more desperate in the coming days; more so that, as evident in their body language, which does not show a set of people planning for life after office. This is noticeable from my personal experience and observations.


Sultan Akbar asked Birbal, his grand vizier, to look for the four biggest idiots in his kingdom and produce them in his court within a month.

After a month’s extensive search operations, Birbal brought to the court only two people!

“But I asked for four”, Akbar angrily asked.

“Give me a chance to present them one by one”, Birbal pleaded and went on to present his idiots:

“Maharaj, this man, while travelling in a bullock cart, was keeping his luggage on his head so as not to hurt the bullocks. He is the first idiot. (In corporate parlance, the ones who take all load on themselves and fail to delegate)

Pointing to the second man Birbal continued, “And this man here is the second idiot. Some grass grew on the roof of his thatched house and he was trying to force his cow to climb up a ladder to graze on it.” ( In corporate parlance, these are those who set unrealistic targets and force others to achieve them without realising their capabilities and competency)

Birbal continued, “Maharaj, there were a lot of important jobs for me to do in the state, but I ignored them and wasted a precious month in search of idiots. According to me, I am the third idiot.” ( Idiots who rush obediently for wrong job assignments without any qualms)

Birbal paused here for a moment.

“Who is the fourth idiot?”, Akbar thundered.

“Beg your pardon, Sultan”, Birbal continued, “You are the King and are responsible for the well-being of the entire state and its people.

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You need wise persons to help you oversee the affairs of the state. Instead of looking for wise people you engaged me to look for idiots. According to me, you are the fourth idiot. ( Bad leaders who make poor strategies and want idiots to follow blindly) this is a very good reason why we all need to work on ourselves, and the validation for “Restructuring Of The Mind”

Richard Odusanya
@Richard_Odusanya is 9News Nigeria special guest writer on Politics, Africanism, African Emancipation and Humanitarianism

Richard Odusanya is a Social Reform Crusader and the convener of AFRICA COVENANT RESCUE INITIATIVE ACRI.

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