Sam Onwuemedo Echoes- Uzodinma Deserves Christmas Cow From Ihedioha

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Ftom Princely Onyenwe

“Uzodinma’s Aides Have Written One Hundred And Fifty Seven Times About lhedioha and People’s Democratic Party PDP, Seventy Six Times”

On this free marketing of Ihedioha’s image therefore, Governor Hope Uzodinma sincerely deserves christmas Cow from Ihedioha, Okorocha’s Media Adviser, CPS Onwuemedo advocates.

However, Ihedioha and Uzodinma cannot be measured in areas of governance by placing in comparison the policies of both administrations. Recall that Emeka Ihedioha gave room for the Setbacks in Owerri zone and has also set the worst record as a “sacked governor”

His jostling for power to assume the number one seat mat not be favourable because Imo PDP have alot good candidates than Emeka Ihedioha.

Meanwhile, the arrival of GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma from the Supreme court judgement that sacked Emeka Ihedioha has shown that Uzodinma knows the politics more than Ihedioha.

In his 3R mantra, Governor Hope Uzodinma is doing great to remodel the state and improve the IGR through opening economic entries and sustainable developmental projects across the state. He has also established a quality relationship with the civil servants and artisans in the state.

Traffic light improvement and hopefully the construction and maintenance of Imo roads will be another edge over previous government. I have always maintained that insecurity is Uzodinma’s challenge and efforts are geared towards giving Imolites safety and security as he promised.

With the facts above, I feel Onwuemedo’s suggestion for his brother Ihedioha to give GOVERNOR Uzodinma a Cow is a good one and cannot be mistook for free media advertisement of Ihedioha’s image by Uzodinma’s aide as alleged.

His opinion is an interesting read:

l do this first. Merry Christmas to all. And Happy New year in advance. To Mary , the Angel said unto her, ” FEAR NOT, MARY , FOR THOU HAST FOUND FAVOUR WITH GOD” ( Luke 1: 30).

That’s our portion in the land of the living. Goodluck. Our inheritance. Finding favour with GOD. Not optional. Automatic. Thank you.

The ” media” folks, His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodinma took over from His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka lhedioha or recruited from the camp of Rebuild lmo , had, between the time they were recruited and Sunday, December 25, 2022, written One hundred and fifty Seven times about lhedioha.

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They had also written about lhedioha’s party, lmo PDP, Seventy six times.

And written about the man who recruited them, the governor of lmo state, Senator Uzodinma and his 3R government , forty two times. And out of the number, eleven were what they had , on their own, christened “quotable quotes”. Eight ended with ” details later”. And none of the “details” later came.

The general impression has been that, their brief at the point of their enlistment or engagement was to write only about lhedioha and his PDP. And they have left no stone unturned. Ask me, they are still working for lhedioha, while Uzodinma is paying them. They might not have known this.

They have made lhedioha’s name to dominate the media space or landscape of lmo. They have used lhedioha to overshadow or block the governor and his government.

They have done for lhedioha and his governorship ambition, what he has not done for himself. They have made lhedioha a riddle that must be solved for the governor to move forward . They have made lhedioha the ” ailment”, Uzodinma must treat before having his way.

They have made lhedioha to appear the most dreaded lmo governorship aspirant . To appear like the only guber aspirant Governor Uzodinma is afraid of or is worried about.

They have told Nigerians and the rest of the World that, lhedioha is the person or the candidate to beat in the 2023 governorship poll in lmo, even when his party has not conducted its primary.

They have made lhedioha the only threat to Uzodinma’s second term bid. They have increased both the height and size of the man’s guber ambition.

These governor Uzodinma’s ” media” guys under reference, have, perhaps, without their knowing it , created a shadow government in lmo for lhedioha and his PDP. While the 3R government has been given the label or toga of opposition.


With constant stories on lhedioha and his PDP by Uzodinma’s “media” disciples, those who didn’t know lhedioha have been made to know him. Courtesy of the 3R government.

They have succeeded in telling the World that lhedioha has all it takes to replace Uzodinma. That he has the capacity. That’s the message or impression they have created about lhedioha.

lhedioha isn’t the only one having guber ambition in lmo for 2023, even in lmo PDP. Senator Samuel Anyanwu, the National Secretary of the Party, also has governorship ambition. But the folks in question do not write about him. They do not want to do for him what they have been doing for lhedioha. They know what they are doing.

ln Labour Party, there are also serious gubertorial aspirants like Lincoln Ogunewe, a retired General and perhaps, Martin Agbaso. The people in question do not write or talk about them.

But they decided to make lhedioha the Argentina team or squad at Quatar, that won the 2022 FIFA world cup tournament.

lf one goes on random sampling today in lmo and one of the probing questions is, ” who is the current governor of lmo state, one won’t be Suprise to hear some of the respondents mentioning lhedioha.

Reason being the way these guys we are talking about, have made his name to be ringing bell in the State. And on daily basis.

l am yet to know the kind of media strategy or framework this is called. Perhaps, media “without tears”. Or, “media at Ease”.

When Achike Udenwa became governor in 1999, the only time he mentioned the Military Administrator he succeeded, Col. Tanko Zubairu, was during the inuaguration of the Committee he set up on Assets, with Chief Mike Ahamba as Chairman.

From the time Zubairu left lmo and 2007 when Udenwa’s second term ended ,he never mentioned Zubairu and the military government he supervised again.

When lkedi Ohakim came, he never made Udenwa the crux or subject matter of his government.

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Rochas Okorocha came, he never made Udenwa and Ohakim issues in his government for the eight years he was on seat as governor.

Uzodinma had earlier in his government made Okorocha a “case study”. But for sometime now, it has been all about lhedioha and his Party, the PDP.

And this concentration on lhedioha and to an extent, on other imaginary opponents of the governor and his government, has made it totally impossible for anybody to easily understand or even conjecture the policy thrust or programme of the government.
So, lhedioha should be thankful to Uzodinma and his government for doing a lot for him, in terms of excessively projecting him and his governorship interest in the media . And unsolicited. Unsubscribed. The governor deserves Christmas gift from lhedioha.

lhedioha should also pray that the good work continues. He should pray that the governor does not halt this kind gesture. This wonderful work. Let the tap continue running. Let the governor continue being good with regard to his media oriented contributions to his politics and his guber ambition, in particular.

lhedioha should equally pray that the governor’s men doing all these for him, should not relent. Let them continue being generous. Being prodigal with this favour. While we continue to clap for Jesus.

Sam Onwuemedo writes from Owerri.

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