Save The Victims Of Disguised Vampires, Say No To Child Abuse

Save The Victims Of Disguised Vampires, Say No To Child Abuse
Save The Victims Of Disguised Vampires, Say No To Child Abuse
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When they (with exception of a few nice ones) come to you as a parent(s) in the village for your child (to be their house maid, servant, potential slave, sometimes total slave), one thing obvious to them about your situation is that you’re poor, abject in many cases; and so presents a very fertile ground to nourish the deceit in such a way that you  see handing over your child to them as a prayer answered for your son or daughter.

Ladys burns buttocks of her maids with hot pressing iron
Ladys burns buttocks of her maids with hot pressing iron

These disguised vampires would come from the city with very expressive smiles, presents and touching promises. Most at times they are your own brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts, close family friends,  a connection that would virtually keep you handicapped in saying no to the move owning to emotions. Now in this trap, you don’t want to appear as a difficult relative or friend.

Below is a despicable story/pictures of yet another victim of a cruel inhuman treatment on someone’s God’s given daughter. This happened in Akonameze street, thinkers corner, Enugu.
A few weeks ago was another victim in Onitsha,  a little girl named Chioma  Ogbu, in the hands of terrible Mr Hillary Apeh and wife.

Woman drills nail into the head of 10 years old house help
Woman drills nail into the head of 10 years old house help

While they subject these kids (sometimes adult) in this trauma, their own Lord’s chosen kids are not meant to touch anything in the house.
How do you go to bed daily looking at someone’s daughter brutalized this way?😭🤔

The BIG Question is: How can we all help curb this absurdity?

How can we help stop Child Abuse in Nigeria?

We are either Neighbors,  family members,  fellow students, fellow worshippers, sales reps, co-passengers in the bus/train/flight etc. to such families/vulnerable children.
So in one way or the other these enslaved victims would always be identified.
Most of the times the way they’re dressed (obviously different from their adorable kids), and the unhappy disconnected look on their faces would always present suspicion.
Then you kindly find a way to raise concern.Our clergy men can do better as well. Most perpetrators of this evil donate more in the church, a closer look at the housemaid around them can give an ugly clue.
It may interest you to have a private discussion with him/her regarding the welfare in the house, including how often he/she hears from parents back home.
If the vulnerability is quite obvious, then report ( unanimously if so wish) to the police.

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Dear parents, if you must give out your child?

I understand some people may genuinely need this assistance with kind heart, but not all.

  • Make sure the man or woman with promises to your child happens to be one you know very well in terms of compassion, morality, value for life,  kindness etc.
  • It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you find out their history with others that had lived with them in the past, on possible reasons the left.And to you the perpetrator of this act?That child in your custody deserves same treatment as your own. “We are made on His own image and likeness”. So your own children aren’t made different, the other (your maid) was only underprivileged.
  • If not for anything he/she serves you. If for any reason you try to justify this trauma to his/her mistakes or stubbornness, why not kindly send the child back to the parents?
  • Why not pay for childcare? Nannies would give the needed services.
  • If you loved the poor girl, you could still send her money for her education.

The bible says in  the book of Matthew 25:40 “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers,  that you do unto me”?

A genuine philanthropist once asked a victim…”Must you necessarily live and serve one to get the needed help?”…

Chris Idoko
A concerned citizen for the poor and vulnerable

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