Shocking: Man Cuts Off Scrotum So As To Serve God Better In Benue State.

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A 40 year old man identified as Terhemen Anongo, popularly know as Doc K, cut off his scrotum in order to please God and settle his unquenchable sexual urge. According to Terhemen who is based in Gboko, but from Tarka LG area of Benue State, this act is out of was obsession for biblical instructions;

“..If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish,than for your whole body to be cast into hell”(Mat. 5:30).

According to confidants, Mr Terhemen was at some point a final year medical student of the University of Ibadan but was forced to drop out in 2007 for psychiatric reasons which he has been battling with it till date. He however believes strongly that his immediate family is responsible for his predicament hence is hostile to them and has made everyone of them to desert his late father’s house at the Gboko GRA where he lives alone without a wife.

Mr Terhemen, now a truck pusher in the town takes joy in reading the bible and newspapers on daily basis. He also preaches and one of his recent outings, opened up on his intentions to cut off his genitals to avoid sexual distractions. All efforts to change his mind fell on deaf ears as he successfully satisfied his feelings late last month.

The same source said, “..He turned deaf ears to all pleadings not to do it but instead consulted three clinics in Gboko to have him castrated. His ugly requests were all turned down.”

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“As a former medic, he knew the process and decided to get all the surgical equipment and drugs ready for the operation to be carried out by himself. On that fateful day,that was 28/01/2021 he got set for the operation and first administered to himself a local anaesthesia before using a surgical knife to cut the right scrotum.”

“He succeeded in removing the testicle inside and was trying to do justice to the left one before he was compelled to stop because of blood that was oozing and gushing out uncontrollably.In that condition,he managed and trekked to Baki Clinic, Gboko where he was treated and discharged after staying in bed for four days.”

“Asked whether or not he would remove the remaining testicle when he finally recuperates, Mr Terhemen was quick to reply, ‘..No,I won’t try it again’, adding that it was even idiotic and anathema of him to do self- castration because Matthew 5:30 and Mark 9:43 where he derived his inspiration cannot be given a better literal interpretation. He regrets his action and prayed God to give him a wife so as to bear his own children.”

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