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Ndi Enugu State. Here is the woman that her Son was shot on Saturday by the Police officers who were deployed to safeguard the alleged palliative at Queens college in Enugu.

You can imagine the kind of pain that this poor woman is going through. Her hope for a better life have just been terminated. Ejike her son was not even at the scene of the Palliatives. But was shoot by those deployed force men who were shooting carelessly.

Ejike her son is a student of IMT Enugu and also a huzzler, working as a pump attendance at juhel filling station. He is working hard to see himself out of school in order to give the poor woman more Happy life. This is a young guy with so much vision of becoming something great for the family, but our government and their careless activities have terminated a very big vision.

You that is an aid to the Governor of Enugu State, look at how this woman is crying and tell me how you feel. Be rest assured that the cry of this woman will definitely Hunt all of you that are trying to justify what happened on Saturday. All those that have refused to say the truth about the killings that took place in Enugu on Saturday, why not come and enjoy the tears of this poor woman. Her tears will definitely attack everybody trying to justify the shooting of her son.

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is owing this woman alot of things and she deserve the attention of the Governor. You cannot be relaxed when the people you sent to go and safeguard Queens college carelessly shoot her Hope off.

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The Guy was not protesting, but he was shoot.. why? Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi must visit this woman and the other person that was shoot on Saturday. How will you feel if any member of your family is a victim of this shooting. For some of you attacking me because of this, I believe that God is not sleeping. Karma will hit you one by one!

Visit this woman, console with her and also help the family. Posterity will forever remember this!

Am Soo sorry Mama, Take heart.

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