The hidden Truth on Gov Dave Umahi defection from PDP to APC.By Promise Okongwu.

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Governor Dave umahi whose news of defection from the PDP to the APC eroded the media yesterday.

Many observers used the earlier governors press statement and briefing after his meeting with the PDP national working committee and that of yesterday, where he announced his official defection to mould sympathisers.

Some believed his story for defection because of Igbo presidency while some are still waiting for the manifestation of the motive behind such move.

However the truth about the governor’s defection from the PDP to the APC is not far fetched from every dissernning minds.

The Truth of the matter is that Governor Dave Umahi did not decamp because of Igbo presidency nor marginalization of the south east.

The governor decamped from the party because of selfish interest and personal vendetta.

Recall in 2019 presidential elections, the governor was the least attendants to his party presidential election rally. Infact at that time, HE Dave Umahi was busy claiming workaholic governor at a time of politricking.

It was also on record that the governor openly kicked against his party’s candidate and even went as far as winning the position for the highest visited opposition governor to President muhammadu Buhari during 2019 presidential elections. This constant visit nicknamed him the title APC/Fulani slave by IPOB leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

One wonder why he chose to oppose his party during 2019 presidential election using HE Atiku Abubakar choosing HE Peter Obi as vice presidential candidate instead of consulting the zonal leaders for a consensus candidate in the zone as an excuse for PDP in the morning and APC at Night.


So many political pundits at that time wondered, why the governor was visibiy angry because of the failure of HE Atiku Abubakar not to allow his likes to install his chosen vice presidential candidate for the party.

The fact is that the governor’s believes on the centralisation of power around his person. His believe is vested on “it must be me” sydrom and that was the reason he was virtually angry on almost all the decisions made by the national working committee and also the PDP national executives council which he happens to be a member as a serving governor in the party at that time.

His plans to either abandon his 2nd term bid as a governor or project his sibling to the Vice presidential candidate of the party was cut short with the smartness of his Excellency Gov Peter Obi Been selected as the vice presidential candidate of the party in 2019.

Ever since then, events like the selection of the PDP Edo governorship candidates and decisions like the next zonning formula in Anambra which he believed should be determined by him through his sibling Deacon Austin Umahi, who happens to be the South East zonal chairman of the party and him as the PDP national executive committee was
Was cut short by power brokers within the party.

Suffix to say that the decamping from the PDP and His recent outburst against HE governor Wike has shown how much they have been battling within the party’s hierarachy and the table of decision making in the party

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Finally, the governor have only decided to use the APC and sentiments to fight the stakeholders of PDP that has always stood on his way of decision making within the party in guise of Igbo and south East presidency come 2023.

Mmiri Jesus.

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