The Music Industry should be a veritable tool to facilitate the existence of upcoming artists by Lizzypee.

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The state of Music Industry in Nigeria is getting complicated making situation so hard for some Artists that they are contemplating on give up on their dream of becoming a musician but some are relentless , believing and pursing that dream because they believe in their dream that some day their voice will be heard, I’m not exempted
Starting my music officially in 2010, enabling me record about 6tracks without a a cell phone then, I have to get an empty disc to compile my songs to enable me promote them but unfortunately the producer told me his personal computer have crashed, invariably my songs have been displaced I was devastated, which kept me thinking maybe music is not my way it was so hard for me then because I love singing alot My passion for music have birthed other skillet pertaining to music like rapping and drumming which I do enthusiastically for my worship center.
My encounter with a friend of mine in 2019 a talented rapper in which we were opportune to do a song together but the song was not produced very well because we couldn’t balance up the producer so he had to spoil our song I can’t promote the song the no money to push or record another song i stopped sing again no support in that same year I delve into the comedy space with my friends at work and in our crew we were creatively put up some skits but lack of sponsorship deter the continuity of this project.
I started doing freestyle with some beats I downloaded online so where I was working someone came to repair his car he was like Teni u dey sing too I told him yes I showed him my stuff and skit too with my freestyle videos I was like wow I believe in your music career ,that I should call me the next day that he had alot of artists with him I taught I have gotten to my last bus stop again I went to see him I saw like 3 artists in his crew and they are so good and I was like I can do this I went home and pack my things move in to his house I recorded two songs then and the guy promise to reband us went to radio stations e.g Beat fm , Classic fm naija fm to promote our songs but the money they were asking was too much the guy ask us to chill because I was having problem financially no money we started organising show for ourselves so that people we get to know us but no money to finish the project we were just at home all day freestyle so one of my called me at ibadan to come for his show I and my crew was so happy he went to the show ibadan people was so happy they taught I was Teni I was like I no be Teni oo we. just look alike they begged us to wait for 3 days that they love us so much I had to wait after 3 days we went back to Lagos continue with our freestyle at home waiting for another show so someone who love my performance at ibadan called my one of my crew that he want us to come to ibadan that without me make dem no come oo I was like most I go and I don’t even have money for transportation we were so broke I was like okay make we go then maybe we will see any promoter and help we stuggle to go the guy treatment us so bad no accommodate or food or anything and we are so broke I had to call one of my frd at ibadan to help us I got to his house around 1am God safe us that day but thank God we got there safely .
pursuing my music career since then promise myself not to give up it just with time recorded another song Baba Won the song was a hit people love it went to alot of shows no payment I had to pay the dj or hype man just for me to perform,it was so hard for me no clothes or sneakers to wear to shows it was so frustrating and embarrassing because as an artist u need to package urself , I faced alot of challenges 4 this journey I just have to cut the story short and save it for another day lol.
I have learnt alot of lessons and this music career made me know alot about life who to trust and whom not to, alot of artists out there that can sing more than Wizkid and Davido even Chris brown but they don’t have the opportunity to record just one track or even push their music because nobody is there to help or support them so they gave up on that dream and it so painful.
A lot of hurdles face up as upcoming artist but giving thanks to God and with the level of promotion that have taken place,my songs are now available on some popular digital platforms like apple music, Spotify, Deezer to mention a few
My perception about Government intervention is through creating an enabling platforms that can help upcoming Artists promote their songs like radio stations even assist with music videos production talent Hunt event because some scammers do post talent Hunt online collect money from Artists of it so they can organize a talent Hunt for us and sponsor us it will be great it will help alot to showcase their talent if it free from the government no b everybody get chance to go to Nigeria Idol or Voice Nigeria or Project fame. Building more music academy centers strictly for music production, organizing street to street music competition , assist upcoming Artist open an online free web where up coming artist meet to compete and get awarded. The government can equally help open up a free music school for upcoming Artist They can also make up a yearly competition to facilitate the growth of this category of artistes

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We just have to keep encouraging ourselves, for my colleagues upcoming artiste like me is to keep on been relentless, patient and the need to be humble which can’t be overemphasize endeavor to put in a little bit of hardwork never give up on your dreams trust God ,the processthe talent given to you isfor a reason and you have to maximize it and keep believing in yourself.

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