The Nigerian legislation: the Youths take over.By Okongwu Promise A.

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In Nigeria today, the clamour for youths taking over governance is getting intense day by day.

Many has relied on the fact thatbNigerian youths will do much better than our current leaders since we have already witnessed tremendous success on other spheres of lives.

I agree

However, I will personally tip youths in legislative position over executives positions especially at this time our people are yet to take cognizance of the reality in governance.

When I talk about the reality in our system of governance. I am surely talking about the most predicted challenges that has made governance in Nigeria a bit difficult than that of other parts of the world.

Take for an example. The just conclude United State of America elections was much vested as the battle of upholding the true virtues of America which is the home for all race and people as the name United implies.

In Nigeria, our focused points are still on infrastructural development and empowering of young ones. This has been a huge task for our past and present leaders already.

This has been one of the many reasons why political parties in Nigeria do not concentrate on discussing party ideologies during campaigns because of the much needed infrastructural and manpower development.

The task of delivering Infrastructures and empowering citizens is one task that one must be very careful before venturing into, so as to achieve the much needed goal.

Considering the type of politics we still strive into in this part of the world, achieving such feet seems impossible in this nation.

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In Nigeria, our politics is vested on “Money Bags and Ethnicity”. This has made it so had for most leaders to win an election and still work for the benefits of the people.

Even if the leader is much prepared to deliver promise to his people.

Much contradicting factors will always rise up to fight against good intents.

Beginning from people from same ethnicity demanding for there share of public wealth to the political associates demanding for compensations then straying to the appointees of same government betraying public trust by working for their selfish interests.

This an many more have been dealing with the development of the Nigeria People and we hope to see them stop after youths must have taken over the legislation of this country.

In legislation, one needs no much experience to perform better unlike the executives arm, where one is expected to invent technocracy in order to manage the people affairs else the people will go agog once again which might worsen the situations in the nation.

In legislative house, it is expected that members serves as an awakening force for the Executives. Every good legislators is expected to speak out unbehalf his people and constituents.

The legislative house in my government text book during our secondary/tertiary institution days is a place where the executives are being checkmated which needed more of healthy youths, who are prepared to speak up at all times no matter whose ox is gored and not what we are currently experiencing today, where Old men go to the national Assembly to rest after serving as a governor.

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In my opinion, the rebuilding of the Nigeria system of governance is one that must begin at the legislative house through vast Activism then transcend to the executives arm of government

Thank you.

Let the rebuilding process begin.

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