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Hon Nwokoye with AwkaNorth APGA Leadership - 9News Nigeria
Hon Nwokoye with AwkaNorth APGA Leadership - 9News Nigeria
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It is an open secret that the political pendulum in Awka North and Anambra state since 1999 has been skewed in favour of certain, Local governments, communities, or persons or group of persons in Anambra state.

Between 1999-2003 Mgbakwu, Awka North, was the Agu Awka of ANAMBRA state, after then comes the PULL HIM DOWN MENTALITY which has remained a reference while politicking in Awka North, since then till now, we have never recovered from such self inflicted injuries of self political relegations of Awka North in Anambra state, Awka North constituency, in the Anambra state house of Assembly, Awka North has a member whom has continue to be a statutory compliance and constitutional obligations of ndi Awka North in every (4)years.

The situation has continue to generate negative political implications among the concerned communities in Awka North, even though power is not given, rather power is taken and to some extent, by force, base on this Awka South shall be giving the North a chance for FHR comes 2023 for us to remain as a given Federal constituency.

The results has also continue to pose serious threats to the socio-economic and political developments in the 10 communities in Awka North following the political relegated status which has yields zero participation of ndi Awka North in Anambra state political space.

In APGA Anambra state, Awka North has been back chaired, same in APC, and PDP… Greed, jealousy and bickering have prioritized the rules of onye Awka North political engagement, the old patterns of stomach infrastructures politicians had continued to lead few ndi Awka Northerns who are interested in politics with zero results, that’s why men of good will from Awka North have refused to get involved in active politics in Anambra state and Nigeria at large, tagging the activities of the present politicians an ugly profession.

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At this point in time, there is every need for all the 10 communities in Awka North, or on individual capacity as onye Awka North for 95% declaration of support for the Governorship aspirants of RT.Hon Chukwuma Umeoji for NOV 6th Anambra state election or choose your candidates from any of the major political parties in Anambra state. This will make Awka North to be part of the next Government in Anambra state for the next 4years.

Hon Nwokoye with AwkaNorth APGA Leadership - 9News Nigeria
Hon Nwokoye with AwkaNorth APGA Leadership – 9News Nigeria

Without mincing words, the concluding 8years of an Igbo-adogbe man in Agu Awka where a local government allocation is looted through the use of TC chairmen, Awka North has remained without a commissioner or permanent secretaries of any ministry even when such person merited the position, or other juicy positions apart from SA’s and SSA’s while our brothers from the South has (3) commissioners or more, many permanent secretaries, and board chairmens, the implications is that they have occupied our political chances & position through the uses of envelopes, and because we belong to an assumed strongest cabal in a certain party therefore no one else would say before you and we agree together as a local government with a common interest.

This is a wake-up call to the well meaning onye Awka North to join politics, be you a Medical Doctor, an Engineer , Economist, Historians, Philosophers, political scientists etc.

Be informed that Politics is for everyone especially the men of good will, and strong characters.

The last State & National Assembly election which remained a reference to this point where few of us tried to deliver a certain candidate from Awka North during party primaries but meet the challenges and difficulties emanating from onye Awka North against ndu Awka North who were on the same election race with other persons from another local governments, It was ndu Awka North against Ndi Mgbakwu, or Ndu Awka North against ndu Achalla, or Awba ofemili..the effects has continued with back seated in any political party onye Awka North finds himself or herself especially in Anambra state.

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The time is now,though everyone is free to join any political party. Not only joining but try as much as possible to contest an election or strongly support a candidate, take a position in the party executive in the state, also keep the rules of engagement by insisting that it must be onye Awka North before another person in Anambra state would, once it has to do with the general interest of our local government, every one is important.

I therefore, call on Awka North major stakeholders to support RT.Hon Chukwuma Umeoji aspirations, and shun cabalistic assurances, politics of bickering, jealousness, greed, and envy and to embrace the political dynamism among us, appreciate onye Awka North in all he/she does politically, even if you don’t support such dream, it’s not a MOST you support, just remain calm, don’t run your own down in public in the name of belonging to the strongest cabal in Anambra state political space. Recently after chief ochendo’s death, we begin to see reasons for ndi Awka North to reunite politically because when you talk about Awka North then, Ochendo remain a reference point, we made a great mistake for not coming together and in making of our own, and if that which seems to remain your anger fail to act on the forgiving side, we would never get it right next time. Awka North & South Federal House of representatives project 2023

Ositadinma bukwa afa nmadu.

Egwu Jonathan (Royal Properties Ltd Awka)

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