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There is More Marital Happiness When Couples Pray Together – Know Why

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Happy couple
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Praying together as a couple has been the topic of interest for a very long time.

It is so because preaching God with the spouse has many great benefits for both the partners as well as their marital relationship. And these advantages are just amazing.

Let’s look at a few of these 

1. Praying together fosters the intimacy with your spouse

The very first thing praying together brings into the marriage is intimacy, love, and respect for each other.

Some spouses feel shy praying in front of each other because it is a process where one directly talks to God and express their wills; so praying together makes many people uncomfortable.

However, this discomfort is reduced through praying itself. Gradually, one feels closer to their partner, and see the relationship nourish.

2. Praying together curbs sorrows

The exercise of praying daily has numerous advantages.

People rely on prayers to share their deepest grief with God with the belief of getting relieved. When a couple prays together, it is appreciated by God, and He creates happiness, joy, and love for the partners; putting an end to the sorrows and misunderstandings.

3. Praying develops humbleness

Prayer develops many fine qualities in a person.

Spouses who are aggressive must start praying together. By praying, they will start to notice themselves being humble with each other. It keeps you modest and away from all the evils. In addition, you are open to change.

4. Teaches you to be honest

Teaches you to be honest

Making your habit of praying together exhibits many positive qualities in a person.

It instills the fear of God in your heart and teaches you to be true and honest with your partner. Also, this exercise will help you win the hearts of each other.

5. Enables you to face challenges

In times of difficulties, everyone turns to God with the hope of getting internal peace and relief. When the spouses pray together in crises, they develop intimacy and feel motivated to face challenges. They feel strong and stand together no matter how hard the situation gets.

There are always evil eyes following a happily married couple. There are certain times that would tear you down, but if both the partners have faith in God, and pray regularly; they could definitely fight each and every hurdle.

6. Develops emotional oneness

When you pray with your partner, you feel closer to them. And feel united.

It increases the level of trust and makes you feel emotionally tied to your partner.

7. Being selfless

When a couple prays together, they get to think more about one another.

They forget about thinking of themselves and think of them as a couple, a relationship in which both man and woman are dependent upon each other, and anything which is related to one spouse will automatically affect the other as well.

So praying together teaches you to think about both. The harsh and arrogant feelings are then softened, and people begin to care for one another.

8. Holy aid is received

Praying with your spouse solve many problems of life.

Sometimes both the partners are happy, but they do not have enough money to enjoy the pleasures of life. In such a situation, if they are closer to God, they can easily solve every problem with the help of God.

Prayer helps you to think of your own solutions, and such ways are created by the will of God that life seems to be a lot easier.

Hence, to rely upon God will bring countless blessings, and would make your marriage a blissful journey of life.

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