Trump’s COVID-19 palliative to Americans signals his confidence to remain POTUS on January 20

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Trump is asking congress to approve $2,000 stimulus package for every adult and $600 for each child in America , as “Covid palliative!” (Nigerian parlance). That means a family of four, a man, his wife and two kids are guaranteed $5,200. At the current Nigerian exchange rate at $1/N470 that comes to N2.4 million for a small household. Can you imagine what larger families with 4 to 6 kids will get?
Then tell me why Donald J. Trump shouldn’t be the 2020 Most Admired Person in America?
Those who usually called Trump racist are now silent because they also need that money. “There’ll be civil disobedience, there’ll nationwide protest, American will revolt if Trump remains the POTUS” Joe Biden supporters said. You cannot talk while eating, it’s a natural law or you call it table manners. Trump may have used this palliative give away to recover his popularity. Now almost all American will swallow Trump’s carrot hook, line and sinker, while their Joe Biden is variously described in all mainstream media as the “Presumed Winner” of December 3, 2020, Presidential election and Biden himself is publicly addressing his “Presumed” Vice President Kamala Harris as President elect. Why so? Because all the pointers have curved his walk to the White House back home.
Would Joe Biden even be at ease at home after January 20? I pray he should, but if the electoral frauds so far unraveled are confirmed by John Ratcliffe’s report, Director of National Intelligence expected to be submitted before January 20, Biden and many other will head to jail.
Besides Biden been jailed on manipulation of votes count, there’s the September 2018, Executive Order window signed by Trump to prosecute any American in collabo with foreign powers on election interference of which China and Joe Biden are already alleged to be in conference deals.
John Ratcliffe National Intelligence report expected before January 20, will tell all.

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