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* No longer business as usual
* Your spouse is a wife not a property
*  Properties are bought, but Wives are married
My fellow men and husbands, it’s my pleasure to bring you greetings of love, courage and appreciation for the good job you are doing in being a good husband and lover to your spouse, for providing leadership and meetjng the needs of your partner as a true head of your home.
However, I want to inform you that our society is far gone from the day when husbands did as it pleased them. Treating their wives with disdain, beating and battering them with reckless abandon, with no one interfering, in the name of, it’s a family affair. In our Africa of today, the excesses of husbands are no longer considered a family affair, but a society’s affair. Your spouse is your wife and not property, you married her, you did not buy her.

Properties are bought, servants are hired, but wives are married, check up your dictionary for proper definition. Therefore, wives should be treated accordingly. There are now consequences  for our actions towards our wives.
Stay blessed and may God continue to guide you in this glorious task of being a good and worthy husband in Jesus name.  You shall succeed, and be a reference point for a perfect gentle man and worthy husband.

The test of true is love is loving in spite of,  the imperfections and weaknesses.
God teaches us to love and grow in loving by bringing our way people of difficult character, so that as we tolerate and love  them in spite all …, we grow in patience, understanding and loving.

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Brutality Can Get
Your Wife To Fear You,
But It Is Only Love
That Can Get Her
To Love You,
And Submit To You – Raph McJulius.

For the married men reading this article, God said, love your wife, then she shall submit to you. It might be difficult to find a wife who will submit to you if you don’t convince her of your undying love for her.

The conviction that you wholeheartedly and unconditionally love  her is what gives her the security to submit to you.
How did I know this? It’s because I am married to a very submissive and supportive wife. If you know that it was you who approached you wife to marry you and not the other way round, then it is also you that will take the first step in getting her to submit to you. Which the most effective way to do is to love her sincerely, in spite… Any man who says, I shall love my wife only if she submits to me is proud and ignorant of what the Bible says.
God loves the world in spite of the sins of the world. He sent His Son to die for a world that is evil and hates Him. If you can’t love your wife in spite her stubbornness, weaknesses and imperfections, then you are not ready to love her and get her to submit to you.
Love covers multitudes of sin – 1Pet.4:8. It’s lack of love for your wife that makes you count offences, hold grudges and seek vengeance. Love doesn’t indulge in all these things.
Love endures and conquers all 1Cor.13.
Love conquers all things and every mountain. Shouting, quarrelling and fighting can never win you your wife’s loyalty, submission and respect, but love can. No matter how stubborn and difficult your wife might be, I can assure you that love can conquer her for you. Stubborn people are pulled with tread, and not with chain. Brutality can get your wife to fear you, but it is only love that can get her to love you, and submit to you.
Happy Sunday, and may God grant you the wisdom to love your wife unconditionally. You shall have a Godly and prosperous family, with a submissive wife in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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Thanks and God bless you for reading

(Teaching Time With PROPHET RAPH McJULIUS)
Telling The Whole Truth,
By Revelation and Not By Research.
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Or 07089911773.
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