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The Director General of Anambra State PDP New Media and Coordinator of PDP Interactive Forum Hon Tony Ezike has declared that the state will be better off with a credible governor who is neither indebted to anyone whosoever, or sponsored by an outgoing administration that has harboured multiple skeletons right inside the executive cabinet.

Mr Ezike made this known while addressing a cross-section of public servants and businessmen that assembled at the party secretariat to gather information about registration process to accord them full membership of the party.

The civil servants in particular who pleaded with the directorate not to take pictures were duly accommodated and directed to their choice legislative wards for formal registration after narrating their experience with the incumbent administration which they described as 7 years of the most terrible work experience since 2014.

Since it’s creation in August 27th 1991, Anambra State government have never had to deceive the citizens so terribly, or witness the reign of such visionless administration as the incumbent government which was recently described as “NOT IN CHARGE” by a sitting commissioner Dr Christian Madubuko who got fed-up with the jamboree administration and resigned without further delay.

Governance has become so personalized in the Willie Obiano administration that the citizens barely have access to capital estimates and budgetary allocations since the advent of “nkea bu nkeanyi”. Most disheartening is that if you raise an eyebrow you’ll be termed enemy of state. Recall that during former governor Peter Obi’s tenure, the citizens have access to public policy, procedures and interventions because there is no other way to improve than working with clear-cut vision.

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This is evident in many circumstances, especially the purported construction of Umueri airport which is surrounded by the controversy of equity contributions from the state and developing partner(s). One can only hope and pray that it should not end up being unveiled as unprofessionally as was the three massive deposits of concrete mixture which was designed to occupy space and hinder traffic in the state capital Awka. What a horrible semblance of matter as defined by theorists.

Shameless as the APGA government is, they have converted the flyover built buy former governor Peter Obi at Nkpor to car park where they collect revenue while the near cul-de-sacs they deposited in the capital city were completely shut to heavy duty vehicles for fear of disintegration of cement from other elementary components of the 3 palpable disasters waiting to unleash.

Regrettably, Anambra has degenerated from the best thriving economy, the state with the best road network (with good roads), academically promising state and a state that make plans with VISION, to a debt-ridden state, porthole capital of Nigeria, academically backward and a state that has refused to make or follow viable ideas and frameworks.

The difference between “ANIDS” and “Willie Is Working” is the disaster currently starring us at our faces. That was why we had to celebrate 21/21 for years because there was virtually nothing else to celebrate. The perpetrators of the ongoing administrative punishment labelled democracy are at it again.

APGA leaders have perfected plans to hand over the reigns of power to a stooge who’s primary assignment will be to cover financial leakages in all the sectors illegally developed into personal bank accounts. Part of the conspirator’s TOR will be to channel allocation of public offices and resources to selected cronies and allies to the detriment of the citizens.


Now let’s pause and tell ourselves the truth. This is no longer about PDP, APC, APGA or other political parties, but strictly about the only state we have now ~ Anambra. Before you cast the next vote, ask yourself the impacts made by the incumbent government with the ₦75b they inherited in 2014, what did they do with local government allocations, what happened to all the revenue from FAC and IGR, where is the ₦25b FG refund for projects done by Ngige and Obi, what happened to COVID-19 donations, palliatives and other interventions that came with the pandemic.

Other important areas for evaluation and sober reflection are what happened to the much celebrated Ugu export, four projected pillars of development termed Completion, Commissioning, Construction and Continuation. Ask yourselves about the short-lived automatic porthole dressing machine, the luxurious Keke NAPEP that only existed in the internet and other media channels, the Anambra Rice without a farm or processing facility, roads flagged off during past elections and abandoned soon after the polls. The list is endless…

The tricycle (Keke NAPEP) drivers and their predecessors being motorcycles (Okada), among other commuters should start asking themselves whether the ₦2000 or even ₦5000 they collected to reinforce the failure at Aguoka is still worth it, considering the collection of daily tickets they purchase from the 21/21 government only to find themselves continuously meandering from one porthole to the other while saving up for routine repairs occasioned by scarcely accessible roads and going home hungrier after each round of hustle.

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I hereby appeal to every right thinking person in Anambra State, including persons aspiring for the office of the state governor to diplomatically disassociate themselves from both the incumbent administration and the party that has created more room for poverty instead of democracy dividends. This can be achieved if we truly value the state over personal ambitions.

This solemn appeal is coming straight from my heart knowing that some innocent people might contemplate running on the platform of the politically challenged vehicle (APGA) for which their fall is already designed to be fatal and disgraceful “maka noo mmadu nwe ogodo ewu na ata”.

Do not confine the power of your PVC to temporary desire for the first cause meal.

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