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7 Things That Will Happen If Buhari Is Reelected In 2019.

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It is true that if President Buhari continues for another 4 years, it could be the turn of the igbos to produce a president. As much as I will love to see this happen, I am afraid of the damaged that might have been done by Buhari administration before then.

7 Things I believe will happen if he is reelected.

1) The Naira will further be devalued to increase borrowing to feed the current structure.

2) fuel prices and electricity tariffs will increase. I’m sure you know the effect of this on the standard of living.

3)You will see the real nepotism at work, as they will tell Nigerians to wait, for their turn. They will soon hand over to another region. A Lot of funds will be channeled to the North as a result of preparation for independence.All those Northern governors supporting restructuring now, will abandon it.

4) Corruption will increase at all levels especially government. As cost of living increases, politicians will need more to sustain their lifestyle. Also remember that politics is business in Nigeria and those who invest will have to recover with interest. So with scarce resources, devalued naira, the corruption channels will have to be enlarged to accommodate their demands.

5) Insecurity will increase. Considering the fact that people of benue voted Buhari and there is an election coming up and they are killed like this, imagine if buhari wins. Secondly I have always announced my fears about the romance of this administration and the section of bokoharam that believes only Christians should be attacked. The case of leah sharibu is an evidence to the agreement to that effect. Christians will be targeted for attacks and nothing will happen. In a situation where the government decides to work with a group that believes non Muslims can be attacked, I am afraid that the conditions and results of their negotiations will begin to manifest after the elections.

6) their will be deliberate provocation of other regions or ethnic groups towards the end. This might be to create an avenue for the military to take over and install another northerner to continue in power.

7) the calls for separation will be louder in other regions apart from the SE.

There is a lot that this administration is holding back just because of the elections ahead. A president that can call youths lazy months to elections, you can imagine what happens when he is reelected.

Can Nigeria survive double of whatever is happening now for another 4 years?


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