‘A NEW NIGERIA’: Setting The Tone For The ‘Presidency’ Of Tinubu’s ‘Unity-Trinity’ – Richard Odusanya.

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Expectedly, Nigeria on May 29, will usher in a new lease of wind, our beloved country is on the threshold of history, this time around, a wind of change in the most populated black nation and the African largest economy is about to witness a new dawn.

By Richard Odusanya

Nigeria was long overdue for a change in all realms and ramifications. How badly you want something, your determination to succeed is what differentiates you from others. Life is a performance, made up of the things we do and what we don’t do. As a nation destined for greatness, we are on a voyage with a new sheriff who doubles as the navigator.

Regrettably, It became a national outcry from the citizenry, the economy, educational institutions, the infrastructural assets, our healthcare facilities took a state of decay at all levels, stimulating a high rate of death and agitation amongst the general workforce across the board. When a living thing is deprived of air, death elements set in.

Despite the unpleasant situations and near hopelessness; nevertheless, there is a ‘Renewed Hope’ in the making. Our beloved country Nigeria will rise again – from despondency and shortchanged feelings to vibrancy in all regions.It is instructive, to note, that, leadership cum politics, are phenomenal realities – let it be clearly stated, that, the Nigerian people who are united in subjugation, and deprivation, and bear the brunt of our leaders’ ineptitude leadership have risen to make a clean, compassionate, decent, sensitive, upright yet radical and revolutionary entreaty to their would-be next President C-in-C of the federal republic of Nigeria. The new President C-in-C from May 29, Asíwájú Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is saddled with the unenviable responsibility of kick-starting the healing process which should begin with the bounding of the three major tribes: our vibrant Hausa, Igbo and the Yoruba great people.

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The new President should consider such responsibility for unity of purpose in governance which must be guided jealously – ‘Unity-Trinity’.For clarification, it can no longer be business as usual. Thankfully, in the words of the incoming President C-in-C of the federal republic of Nigeria Asíwájú Bola Ahmed Tinubu: “I am coming with a private sector mindset” which means that the days of indolence and unproductive civil service and rogue public office holders is over and never to be witnessed again. A new dawn and a new sheriff have been birthed. Therefore, the issues of Unity and Progress; Mind Restructuring and the 4th Industrial Revolution should be the topmost priority. However, the immediate focus is EDUCATION,

Because Of The Reasons Enumerated Below:

Education, both formal and informal is the key. Some things seem insignificant but they can stop us from attaining our full potential if we ignore them. Hence, the importance we attach to education sets the tone to greater heights. Understandably, our schools and homes are the reflections of the larger society and their roles cannot be quantified by any stretch of imagination. Interestingly, schools and our homes are the places where creativity and ingenuity are put to the test for the benefit of mankind.

For homes and schools to make positive changes in human behaviour, certain virtues must be taken into consideration –

examples of such infinitesimal influencers which cannot be ignored are:

Attitude; It’s a self-expression of one’s poise, carriage, charm and disposition.

Behaviour; A way of life and an avenue for self-expression.

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Values; the highly esteemed lifestyle of accountability and probity expected from a person.

Morals; Conforming to a lifestyle of right behaviour anchored on ethical standards.

Character; Strength of mind, independence and charismatic personality exhibited by positive personal traits.

These and much more are the manifestations of the products of the home and school which are to bring positive changes in human behaviour. The school alone cannot do everything.

Without these traits, a nation will experience an upsurge in crime. A nation is doomed if its education sector which encompasses the home is relegated to the doldrums.

CHARACTER is the key to our journey to El Dorado which necessitates a paradigm shift in the way we think and do things. Getting it right by our attitudes, behaviour, morals and values set the tone for good governance.

Character supersedes religious inclinations and the bedrock of national development lies in our personalities and the values we hold dear to our hearts.Education produces thinkers, problem-solvers and well-mannered people. These and much more are the antidotes to “japaing” else our productive youths shall be citizens of other countries where their services and creative ingenuity would be appreciated and well remunerated.

People naturally look elsewhere when their certificates and credentials become valueless in their ‘home countries’. Lastly, our education which seems to have been misdirected in the past to serve our colonial masters needs to be appraised and reassessed to meet the contemporary needs and requirements of the 21st century and beyond.

Allen Onyema the CEO of Peace Airlines

In conclusion, I like to dedicate this article that focuses on a new dawn to all our compatriots at home and abroad, particularly to Allen Onyema the CEO of Peace Airlines who showed that Nigeria can work if we throw away tribalism and replace it with “Unity-Trinity” and hold each other’s hands in difficult times.

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I also acknowledge Kolajo Suleiman Abiola, MKO’s son who permits the usage of his coinage he posited: “Under President Asíwájú Bola Tinubu’s ‘Unity Trinity’ Nigeria Will Become The Financial Capital Of Africa And Reemerge As The Real Giant Of The Continent.

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