Anambra 2021: PDP blows hot as Delegates Replies Stakeholders, backs Maduka

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The event that took place at Dr Godwin Maduka foundation brought so many controversies when the delegates heard that a group was against Dr Godwin Maduka for giving them a cash prize during his interactive session with them. The delegates, therefore, expressed their dissatisfaction over the selfish decision made by the PDP stakeholders and threatened to throw surprises against the stakeholders which will eventually give Dr. Godwin Maduka victory at the primaries. In a statement released by the delegates who chose to remain anonymous, addressed their concerns about the candidature of Dr Godwin Maduka and why they should not label him as an Aspirant who doesn’t keep to an agreement: the statement is as follows,


My names are Chuma Okafor (Not Real Names ). I am a PDP party ward Chairman name of ward withheld, to avoid witch hunters.
I was surfing the internet and stumbled on an article captioned “Why Doctor Godwin Maduka Cannot be Governor” I actually got interested and eager to read and understand the reason for such assertion,  so it can help me in forming an opinion about the aspirant who could earn my vote and support at the upcoming party primaries.

I have analysed the article in reference and arrived to a conclusion that this is a clear case of man’s inhumanity to man. It is obvious that some people are just irrational by nature. Let me remind Raymond Ozoji who is unfortunately the author of such baseless analysis and his so called Independent Leaders Forum that journalism and activism actually transcends beyond personal or group interest.

Mr. Raymond if I may ask you, Who made you the paparazzi for the PDP, that you now do the work of a useless watch dog..? Where were your ILF when these same delegates got abandoned during the days of turmoil for the party,.? When they re even ashamed to be called PDP excos, where was ILF when the delegates, after helping most of the federal and State Lawmakers to victory they abandoned them after the win, only to empower their personal aides and coordinators,..? Leaving the party executives with nothing, only for few of them to turn around now that they have joined the contest for governorship and start giving attention to the delegates again. It’s such a pity that a human being would come up with such useless and wicked article. I am not surprised, because it is unique with electioneering period, for different kind of scammers, blackmailers and fraudulent persons or group to spring up from different corners devising different means to rip off aspirants. I was confidently informed that a delegation of this very ILF was seen at the Dr. Godwin Maduka Foundation seeking to have an audience with Dr. Godwin Maduka, this audience was granted, but I guess their proposal which would have been smelling of greed and selfishness was not bought by the keen gentleman, and few moments later they released this blackmailing article just to tarnish the growing popularity of Okosisi amongst the party executives and stakeholders. It is very unfortunate to say the least, that such evil minded persons still exist.
If your ILF is really interested in the success of the party and ways to see the party to victory, it should have directed its energy to sorting out the squabble for the state party leadership instead of Poking were their is no cause for alarm.
To the stakeholders and aspirants who sat, thought and issued such directive,I find it hard to understand what your true intentions are for us. How will you discourage aspirants from impacting the lives of these delegates..? Do you know how Long they have suffered without reward,.? Do you know how much these gifts has revived the party..? Do you know how much impact it has created to the members of other parties and how it has advertised the party as the beautiful bride amongst others..? It’s such a pity that these stakeholders  rake in millions in the name of consultations by these aspirants but they insist that the delegates are been fed with peanuts, I ask, where is thy conscience.? You preach against money politics as if you yourselves are saints to the said crime. Most of the so called stakeholders that met and concluded on such agreement have been exchanging huge amount of money backdoor. Okosisi’s only supposed crime is why should he impact the lives of the grassroots too, he should have fed them peanuts too, just like others. Let me tell you my fellow delegates, the only mission they tend to achieve is to keep us all in bondage, by giving us peanuts thereby belittling us and rendering us incapacitated without a hope of better days with the party, which will affect the enthusiastic spirit with which we are heading to the polls, thereby causing some people to betray the party when offered a little amount of money. My fellow delegates this has shown us that some self-acclaimed Stakeholders and Leaders of the party do not have our common interest at heart.


This unfolding information has made us more determined to enthrone a man who has Love for the grassroot party members at heart. For your information, the said gifts were from the Dr. Godwin Maduka Foundation which is an entirely on it’s own. The Dr. Godwin Maduka foundation has been existing decades before Dr. Godwin Maduka felt the urge to join the guber race. The motto of the Foundation is Humanity First, which is the reason why they try the much they can to impact the Lives of the needy directly or indirectly.  They have achieved this by building houses for the indigent amongst us, road construction, scholarships and so many other social and infrastructural developments, This has been the stock in trade for the Foundation. While Dr. Godwin Maduka might be the founder of that foundation, do not forget that he has a board of directors, meaning that his decision is not final, as there must be contributions from other members of the board before reaching a final conclusion. Dr. Godwin Maduka insisted and sticked to the agreement reached at the meeting with the stakeholders and leaders of the party, by appreciating the invited delegates with the Sum of N3000. But the Dr. Godwin Maduka foundation after accessing the atmosphere felt the need to motivate us (the party) by empowering us with the token of N50,000 each. Please can someone tell me, where the offense of this fine gentleman Dr. Godwin Maduka lies..?
The coming days would be ecstatic as we keep watching the activities of those who intend to rule us, just as the D day draws near. We the party delegates are wiser now and cannot be bought with just mere money gifts, but we watch the intentions and antecedents of every aspirant and at the end we assure you that our collective vote will go for the best man.

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Thank you all as I expect the Independent Leaders Forum, to withdraw this unhealthy write up and tender an apology to the accused and the party in general, because this their post will create more harm to the party than they know.
Then I also expect our Party Leaders and Stakeholders who met and agreed on such wicked and retarded decision, to as a matter of urgency apologize to the delegates and the party or else we begin to see them as enemies of the party.

Better days ahead

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