Anambra: What is Gov. Willie Obiano doing with LG allocations, Amidst no LG chairmen

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The reality of malformation of governance is now becoming so obvious in the eyes of all Anambrarians, especially the Youths who are committed to see a New phase of Anambra State.

We are in a country where some Governors mortgage different sections of Governance to the detriment of the masses whose contributions can transform the face of Governance in the rural areas.

Local Government (LG) leadership is essential in our democracy and can serve as a tool that will communicate directly to the Governor about the situation of things in our rural areas. It will interest you that all the 21 LGs in Anambra State are part of the LG allocations being sent by the FG, amounting to millions of naira, but Gov. Willie Obiano have refused to conduct LG election, while he is preparing to leave the office of the Governor of Anambra State.

We should understand that Gov. Willie Obiano have deviated from the Democratic process of electing leaders, but have seen the appointment category as the only option for him to have a local Government chairman. He choosed to appoint his loyal boys as caretakers to different Local Governments, based on his personal preference and assessments instead of the decision of the people they will rule.

It’s obvious that all the appointed caretakers have not done the minds of the people, but have choosed to satisfy their stomach infrastructure and always hail the Governor at the midst of nothing.

Now the Youths of Anambra State have taken it upon themselves to demand for what rightfully belongs to them. Some days back, the streets of Awka witnessed a massive turnout of youths of Anambra State, peacefully protesting and at the same time pleading for the Governor to conduct LG election in Anambra State.

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You will recall that we just finished with the #ENDSARS protest against bad Governance and police brutality in Nigeria. But the new protest in Anambra State is for Gov. Willie Obiano to conduct LG election. Be rest assured that this is another form of Protest that will hit so hard on Anambrarians if the Governor of Anambra State insist on his decision on not to conduct Local Government election.

It’s shameful watching the Youths of Anambra state demanding for Gov. Willie Obiano to conduct Local Government election. But it is unfortunate that this is something the Governor must do, but have chosen not to allow ndi Anambra enjoy the fruit of Local Government benefits.

Looking at the yearnings of the people and that of the Youths of Anambra state, it is imperative that Governor Willie Obiano should do something by conducting Local Government election, so as to give Attentions to all the deplorable roads in Many rural areas in Anambra State.

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