Bad roads conditions in Anambra state with potholes gradually becoming the states trademark.

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(its consequences and a need for the state government to commence operation zero potholes and bad roads).

Road is no doubt one of the means of connectivity in the sense that it connect one town to another but when the road is in bad condition it leads to the breakage of that connections,it reduces the number of goods and people that troops into a particular state and this case of bad road is rather becoming too exorbitant in Anambra state. Nobody wants to go through a bumpy ride just because he want to go to a near by town,in Anambra potholes are increasingly becoming our trade mark .

Is of no doubt that the number of bad roads in anambra state is escalating as day passes,potholes has now become a common factor in the sense that it is on every road in the hook and knots of this state ,this leaves a question from an old saying “is it the hair cutter that does not know his work or the razor that is not sharpened .

Anambra no that has one of the best road network in Nigeria but the recent neglect in maintaining and repairing the roads calls for immediate action .

The conditions of roads in the state crate a question in its citizen mind of whether the present government still has the interest of people that voted them in power at heart.

This case of bad road has already sent some people into early grave through accident and it is a wise saying to say that majority or almost all the accident that occur within the state is as a result of the conditions of the road.

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A situation where by one lane of the road is bad ,leaves drivers no choice but to drive through the other lane ,hence leading to an auto crash if care is not taken.

Even in the business sector ,people find it difficult to go about their business because of the road condition ,one cannot keep count on the numbers of vehicle transporting goods that spoils on the way because of poor road condition in the state and hence delay in transportation.

The rate of poor state of road condition in the state has raised an alarm which questions on the need of stipulating Billions of naira on road construction and repair if the necessary action can not be followed

The poor conditions of the road in the state has become an embarrassing factor in a way that people are mostly delay on their way.
Before now from nnewi round about to awka is all about 35 minutes drive, but because of the conditions of the state road people are mostly delay on their way .

The poor road condition of the state as also increased the percentage of hold up withing the state,it is saddened to say that some of the delays and hold up people complains about in eke awka is as a result of the bad conditions of the road.

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