BBNAIJA: Vibrant Citizenry, Good Leadership And The Tragedy Of Flawed Mindsets

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Big Brother Naija BBNaija 2021
Big Brother Naija BBNaija 2021
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By Richard Odusanya

Something in 2010, I had the privilege of attending a town hall meeting where the former first lady and later secretary of state of the United States of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who on that auspicious occasion made a profound statement, that became indelible in the minds of some of us. She posited thus: “It’s up to you, the good people of Nigeria who desires visionary and purposeful leadership to choose between vibrancy and complacency.” This was a defining moment in my life, it was really, a huge task and a challenge in my spirit mind. There and then, I became totally convinced that only and unless we do it ourselves, nobody will fix our dear nation Nigeria for us.

Sadly and unfortunately we have everything to worry about, particularly the mindsets of over ninety per cent of our people. A mind prone to materialistic tendencies and not working for the future generations. Please permit me to illustrates with a simple topic.

Topic 1:
Big brother: Tasha caught on camera having sex with Ebuka

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Shares – 70.8k

Topic 2
Nigerian Govt signs power generation contract with Siemens to boost electricity.

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Comments – 4
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Shares – 6

  • Total number of votes cast Big Brother Nigeria 2018 = 170m
  • Total number of votes cast General election 2019 = 27m
BBNaija: Tasha and Ebuka
BBNaija: Tasha and Ebuka

A practical reality of who we are as people and where our priority lies as citizens.

The Funny side in all of these; we still go to bed, have a good sleep and wake up with the hope to meet a Nigeria we didn’t create. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, (crowd) It is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain

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In an environment of lies, truth is a stranger. Often, the truth shatters ego, and people don’t want their illusion destroyed, so they find solace in falsehood.

Africa’s greatest deficit has always been its leadership, and its citizens accept the status quo.

Africa is passing through unimaginable oppression from within and from outside. The candle is burning from two ends.

South Africa is boiling and Nigeria is in a mess! In Nigeria, for instance, democracy is not working. Those we expect to make changes are benefiting from the status quo.

Being a Nigerian is getting worse each day. You are not happy at home, abroad, or anywhere. How long would we be docile and cracking jokes to cope with pain?

A revolution is also not possible as we have many nations inside a country. Nigeria has become a failed state and seems beyond repair.

It is unfortunate but this is the reality. With our human and mineral resources. Intellectually, Nigeria isn’t a third world nation but its disenabling environment keeps her from evolving.

We should be kings and queens. Foreigners should lobby to be at our service. This is our birthright, our heritage but we are struggling to run away to serve those who should serve us.

One Nigeria is a mirage, a sham. There are certain people in this country that cannot hear the truth nor see the good. They feed on bad news and always wishing for the worst.

Many Africans keep quiet, only looking for help from above. But we will be won’t be if sit and do nothing. This isn’t sci-fi movies where there are some superheroes.

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It’s unfathomable and unacceptable that many African countries are still suffering from this programmed oppression for donkey decades after the so-called independence.

It is a sin against humanity for Africans to keep quiet and when a few summon the courage to speak up, we shut each other up from talking, because we are all scared, nobody wants to be heard or singled out. We are not doing the one thing that can change our lives.

Where do we go from here?!



Richard Odusanya is a Social Reform Crusader and the convener of AFRICA COVENANT RESCUE INITIATIVE ACRI.

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