Benue youths raise alarm over planned protest against Ortom, troops’ withdrawal

Youths in Benue State have raised alarm over planned protests in the state against Governor Samuel Ortom.

Terrence Kuanum, President, Benue Youth Forum, in a statement on Tuesday, accused

“enemies of Benue” of embarking on plan B which is mass demonstration against ortom.

Kuanum said the development was hatched after powerful forces failed to impeach the governor.

According to him, the plot was part of the smear campaign against the Governor being allegedly coordinated by a serving Senator from the state.
He added: “The protesters have been told to falsely accuse Govermor Ortom on many issues and accuse Benue people of killing themselves.

“The target of the protest is convince the people that the killings are not carried out by Fulani herdsmen as widely believed. The mobilized youths will also say the anti-open grazing law is the cause of the killings and should be suspended immediately.

“The youths will also drum support for APC, President Buhari and their immediate paymaster the Senator.

“During the protests, the paid youths will call for declaration of emergency in Benue and demand for the reinstatement of the impeached Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly.

“The sealing off and chasing out of workers of the state assembly today is part of the plot.

“The protesters will also demand the reappointment of key members of the Benue State Executive Council who are allies of the Senator and were recently kicked out of government, particularly those who occupied positions where money was flowing for the running of their empire, “the institution”.

“If the protests fail, plan C of the group is to begin the withdrawal of Operation Whirl Stroke troops to allow Fulani herdsmen free passage to parts of Benue to cause more pain on the people.”

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