Boom: Imo People Lambast Uzodinma On Congested Douglas Road/ Disobedience To Traffic Lights/ Illegal Bus Stops And Poor Waste Management

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Imo people has faulted GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma on his soft approach towards the management of illegal traders and obstructions bedevilling Douglas road in the heart of the state capital Owerri.

Stating the facts straight, Imolites hinted that laws without punishment has kept Imo State backwards while experts have frowned on the congestion of Douglas Road/Disobedience To Traffic Lights/Illegal Bus Stops and Poor Waste Management.

Douglas Road at the time of this report by 9News Nigeria Owerri

However, common sense can attest to the fact that the government of Imo state is not yet ready to start punishing road side traders along the popular Douglas road Owerri whereby giving room to harbour criminality and encouraging lawlessness across the state, Imolites posited.

At the inception of GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma, people thought that governance will take a swift sail than previous administrations bedeviled with bad execution of policies.

But having good policies without a reciprocal punishment cannot make the state grow and in such a system of government, the people will woe the governor for failing to change the narrative as promised.

Trafic congestion along Douglas road

While Speaking with 9News Nigeria Owerri, treaders Lamented non establishment of more markets by government to contain and capture the roadside traders and hawkers along Douglas road and other major roads within the municipality.

This inability of Government has continued to cause the troop out of traders along the roads.

Our correspodent gathered that few minutes after the departure of Government agents ENTRACO, the traders will resume their usual road side business,since according to them the Government did not provide general market for them.

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The markets at Egbeada and that of Naze/Nekede clusters belong to individuals who now sale at erroneous prices thereby chasing peasant traders away with high prices of shops, 9News correspodent gathered.

The major reasons for the traffic congestion along Douglas road Owerri are the road side traders coupled with dumping of refuse and the drop and pick bus drivers flying thier ignorance in public.

These bus drivers do block the entire road while loading and discharging passengers along Douglas and Mbaise, Royce and Tetlow roads.

Also, Traffic lights are not obeyed in Imo state reasons are that the traffic agents are not mobilized to duty posts and drivers take advantage of such lapses to drive carelessly and block the roads.

My chat with some of these drivers in Owerri proved that there are no approved motor parks in Owerri and drivers enjoy loading passengers on the roads to cause traffic disorder to the detriment of the people.

However, Imo waste management was handed to ISWAMA for proper management and disposal but regrettably the agency has failed in their Official responsibility.

The pics in this News is the actual position of Douglas road refuse disorder and traffic Jam along Douglas road by the time of this report in Imo state Nigeria as captured by 9News Nigeria Owerri.

Our correspodent gathered that some gutters and drainages are blocked by waterproof nylon bags, empty containers, rubber cans, bottles and other wastages.

Research has it that these wastages can be recycled and put to good use but regrettably Imo state has no single recycling center.

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In the developed countries, recycling is a great business. Most of of our so called waste here are being exported abroad and brought back to us in various useful forms.

Imo drainage blocked with waste for lack of proper waste management

The questions now are: Does it mean that the government lack foresight to deliver good governance?

Or is the same Government insensitive of the challenges the people are facing?

Imo people are worried of the abnormalities along Douglas road and calling on GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma to act speedily to save the state and improve Imo to a new better level.

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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