Breaking: Government May Rename PortHarcourt City (Read Details)

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From Princely Onyenwe

Rivers State Capital may Bear a new name any moment soon on the basis that PortHarcourt was allegedly named after a Rapist named Harcourt.

Controversy has therefore beclouded the origination of PortHarcourt city the Rivers State Capital since the basis of its naming was revealed.

This is content in a recent research and investigation by our team of correspodents.

Information reveales that the name taking of PortHarcourt in 1913 when the then Governor general of NIGERIA, Sir Fedrick Lugard gave a nod to its approval was errounously misapplied.

Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt (1863-1922)

The approval came one year after the port was discovered in Nigeria by the year 1912.

Harcourt was known in London Society as a sexual predator of the young of both genders. He attempted to sexually assault Dorothy Brett, the daughter of Viscount Esher (allegedly a fellow paedophile), when she was about 15.

Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt (1863-1922), the man whom Port-Harcourt was named after, was allegedly a Rapist and Paedophile who raped small girls and boys.

Faced with public condemnation, Harcourt committed suicide by taking an overdose of a sedative at his London home in Brook Street on February 24, 1922. He was 59.

Governor Wike

Contrarily, it was gathered that Harcourt did not commit suicide. It was rather a false story spread by the mother of one of his abuse victims. He had extensive heart disease and the sleeping aid he took wouldn’t have killed a healthy person.

But it is a known fact that Harcourt was a sex addict and Dorothy Brett wrote of him that he is simply a sex maniac. It isn’t that he is in love. It is just ungovernable sex desire for both sexes”.

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However Rivers State may have its special reason and attachment to have adopted Harcourt who the world termed as a Rapist to be their state capital.

At the Unveiling of this News people broke out with mixed feelings while suggesting to the state government to apply for change of name.

An anonymous frowned seriously at this Development while stating that it is so heartbreaking for the government then to approve Harcourt after knowing the crime he is notorious of.

He added that Harcourt did not get the right punishment for his crimes until death which entales Injustice has been in existence very long time ago.

He asked, why did Government honoured Harcourt in Nigeria by renaming a whole city after him having identified his criminal tendencies?

Recall that Fedrick Lugard,the then Governor general of the Federation wrote officially to Harcourt and asked for his acceptance when he was the secretary of state for the colonies.

This may have come by their close relationship as officers of Government while approves the saying that Political appiontment is not based on merit and politics is not a true test of leadership.

Since this exposition is now in the public and the people are clamouring for a change of name of Harcourt to a new name, can Governor Wike accomplish this task or to hand it down to the incoming adminstration.

Also, “Escravos” the oil field (Village) where major Nigeria and foreign companies drill oil from means “Slave Island”

It was the first entry point of the Portuguese when they first got to Souther Nigeria for Palm oil, before they invited the Brits wherein crude was found.

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Lugard also played a distinctive role to discover the River Niger where the name Nigeria originated from.

And if in the end Harcourt remains the capital city of Rivers State NIGERIA, Does it correlate the high rate of rape and prostitution bedevilling the state.

The clamour is high for the capital city of Rivers State Nigeria to be changed for bearing a wrong identity of a man found as a Rapist and Paedophile.

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