BREAKING: Nobody Can Destroy Nigeria, Nobody Can Islamism Nigeria, Says Evangelist Egbune

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Nobody can kill Nigeria, Nobody can Islamism Nigeria and APC will pay for their mistakes

The Coordinator of”I Believe Prayer Team Of Niger Delta Region, Evangelist Amb Glastine O. Egbune JP Released Some National Prophecies about the Nation Nigeria to 9News Nigeria in the city of Abuja Monday 1st August 2022.

He said No one can stop Nigeria from moving forward, The Radical Gospel Ambassador and Evangelist, who has given some powerful Divine prophetic messages to the nation previously because of his love and passion for “ONE NIGERIA” also gave a Prophecy in MAY 2022, that Governor Wike, of Rivers State, will never be Emerged as the People’s Democratic Party( PDP) Presidential Flagbearer for 2023 Election, which came to past.

This Evangelist entered the City of Abuja from Kogi State to address national issues through fasting and prayers on Monday 1st August 2022, as he was led to pray with Nigeria Flag in his hands, while he declared prophetic words, saying ” thus says the spirit of God Almighty to the Citizens of Nigeria” Fear not, nobody can kill the glory of Nigeria and Nobody can Islamism Nigeria. So the man of God speaks further, Saying let the Churches in Nigeria wake up and focus, our Christian leaders seat up, come together and walk in peace and unity, there’s God here in this country and nobody can Nigeria.

Nigeria is a Covenant Nation like Israel, with diversities but we still need each other, during the recent Outpouring worship program, which took place at Abuja Area 10 Garki, old parade Ground on Sunday 31st July 2022, I also heard the voice of the Lord speaking to me while in the mode of worship to advise the Organizers of the event to Announced the need of using our Nigeria flags in the next worship event at any cities and states in the nation, Nigerians should get one of the printed National flags and should be used during their praises and worship, even in our various churches, he said, it’s not a crime to promote the use of County flag while in God’s presence, using it as a point of contact to heaven, cherish it like the Americans and we should stop using negative confessions against our nation Nigeria, let the Churches change their mindset about this nation, nobody can Islamism Nigeria and I still heard the spirit of God telling me to warn our Church leaders, those big Pastors and General Overseers (G.O’s) to Amend their ways and do the needful, many of them are living in secret sins and thereby hindering the Manifestations of his Power and Glory from the Church to be seen in the nation growth.

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Where are his true Prophets in this country? Many of them have closed their mouths because of Materialism, they can’t be bold to address National issues on the broadcast and media because many here in the City of Abuja are afraid of Death.

I am here in the city of Abuja to Challenge Church leaders and our Spiritual Fathers to seat up, both the Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) and the PFN to come together and stand in the gap for the welfare, unity, peace, and progress of ONE NIGERIA, let focus more on true love, purity of heart and passionate intercessions for this nation if we want the finger of God like it’s written( 2Chronicles 7 vs 13- 14)

He says in addition
Nigerian Christians should stop crying, stop complaining, and mourning, that is not what God Almighty expects of us, the Lord said we have to sign up and Occupy what He has placed in our hands, show love to our Muslim Brothers and hate none because He is the creator of all human Race. But that those who are evil and enemy of one Nigeria shall be exposed and He will fight them. That the Church must arise and be Radical, spiritually violent, and produce good forces to defeat her enemies, just like Matthew11 v12 only the Violent ones take victory by force because the Kingdom of God has been suffering Violence and insults from the time of John the Baptist till date, so troubles and killings against the Church didn’t start today, and it’s not only here in Nigeria, but if we can stand together and make a holy noise of Violence, the enemies can not be killing people anyhow again in this country.also, the Lord God said he knows those evil Politicians sponsoring the Boko Haram and Terrorists in this country, He has decided to act, and many of them will be exposed, and paid with their own lives and Blood since they don’t want to Repent. That already APC has made a National Mistake by Announcing a Muslim vs Muslim Ticket ahead of the 2023 general election, and they will pay for their mistakes if Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the former Hon Minister of Transportations is being oppressed outside the picture next year, then APC can’t retain the Aso-rock seat again. And I am led to warn Gov. Nasiru El Rafui of Kaduna state, that it is time for him to amend his ways. El Rafi will cry more for help and even run away from this country by one year from now because of the evil seeds he has planted in this nation, so if he refuses to change his lifestyle, if he doesn’t ask the Almighty God for mercy and forgiveness, he will regret later because he is the one who promoted the same Religion ticket base on what he did in Kaduna State for about 8 years now, and he is the one selling such ideas to the Nation. The Lord said that the Dollar can not rise to the N1000 rate this year December 2022 as many Prophets of Doom have said, things will improve gradually and Nigeria shall Bounce Back to be Great Again if we Cooperate with Him and avoid negative Confessions, etc. That even the ASSU strike shall be called off this August, our Youths can not be at home again till September No No.that Nigerians Christian Politicians should seat up and stop hiding/selling their rights and voices because of money and Appointments. That I should commend the Voice of Hon Yakubu Dogara, Dr. Babachair Lawal, Dr. General T.Y Danjuma, Senator E. Abbo, Apostle Dr. Panam Parcy Paul, Rev Dr. Yakubu Pam of NCPC Abuja, and a few others who are not afraid of deaths, that He will protect them because Nigeria can’t be Islamism. So I am challenging many other Believers from the North, both the Governor of Plateau state, the SGF Dr. Boss Mustapha, the Governor of Taraba state, Prof Jerry Gana, General Yakubu Gowon, and many others to seat up, where are their voices? Christian Politicians in Nigeria must stop being silent, such is evil under the sun because our God is a good fighter, He is a man of war like Exodus 15 v3, lets’ ‘s stop folding our hands and complaining, Nigeria belongs to us all and everyone has a role to play for the peace and unity we seek for to prevail. Come 2023 elections, there shall be a lot of shocking and surprises, even Governor Wike of Rivers state will not pull out of PDP, but he will play double standard politics with Labour party Dr. Peter Obi, and Wike will surely succeed in pulling out the current National Chairman of PDP Senator Ayu will be removed later because wike has somebody in mind from the South to project since he lost the ticket, he is in pains and he can’t win the battle against Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta state as VP to Atiku, nothing can change it but the election victory of PDP to Asorock is under probability if Amaechi does not Bounce back as APC Presidential Flagbearer because he is a man of Destiny and he can always secure Court Favour. Once again, the future of Nigeria is so Bright and Colourful, let’s avoid hatred and killing of each other, Religion doesn’t please God Almighty ( The Almighty Allah) without true love for our Neighbors, and love does not kill carelessly or anyhow, no no. Love ur country oh Nigerians, learn to speak well and Bless ur nation Flag ( the Green white Green), it attracts great Blessings and honor in the Spiritual realm. See Muslim / Muslim ticket is a crime under Heaven, so Senator Tinubu should get ready for a National Embarrassment, he will dance to the music he is playing because he has forgotten the story of Chief MKO Abiola. Even this Government in power seems to have an MOU with the Bandits (Terrorists Group), the insecurity is bad now there must be a Divine Intervention because many of our National leaders shall be dealt with because they have Betrayed us. see I like President Buhari as a person But he is being distracted and it takes Grace for him to end in Glory, this is what the Spirit of God Almighty asked me to say here in Abuja as u càn watch me on this Keke motorcycle as a Messenger, and nobody can take my life, I am already dead in Christ Jesus, therefore ur evil attacks or plots can not get to me since I have a Divine Assignment to play in this Nation Nigeria like John8v29, I am not afraid of the Boko Harams or Fulani herdsmen, I even desire to visit their camps, Preach and pray for you guys because our Jehovah God still loves you. The Government is Complexity about the security of her Citizens, But we still have many many good Nigerians and we shall surely Overcome the bad eggs troubling our nation.
Says Evangelist Glastine O. Egbune JP, a Chosen Ambassador, an Intercessor for Israel and Nigeria, and the Coordinator of; the I Believe Prayer Team Niger Delta Region. my email; is jpglastyisrael@gmail. Com.

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