Breaking: Ohaji Egbema Reps Member, Uju Chima Pushes Six Million Naira Charge Against Ex- Girlfriend/ Plunged Her Into Abject Misery, Oppression

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Having withdrawn a Forty Million naira charge slammed on ex-girlfriend, Ohaji Egbema Federal House of Representatives member, Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju has continued to subdue the helpless mother of four to untold hardship and humiliation.

Sources revealed that fter sending his ex- girlfriend Nkiru Kamalu, a helpless mother of four to prison custody for a period of one year in 2019, Kingsley Uju Chima has brought another charge of six million naira against the woman.

This case has been in court from year 2019 till date making it a period of three years and above without pronouncement of Justice by the competent court of law.

In his statement before police, Evaristus Anibueze accepted that his Boss gave him the money to keep but he decided to use it to buy a car through Nkiru.

Having known that Nkiru is not a car dealer, how come he gave her that amount of money without any evidence to prove his point. The lawmaker smartly removed himself out of the case but investigation has revealed that no money was given to his girlfriend for the purpose of car purchase as claimed.

The alleged Evaristus Anibueze has accepted that the money was Uju’s money which he gave him to keep as against the allegation that the money was given to Nkiru to buy a car for Evaristus.

Evidence confirmed that same Anibueze did not have any direct business with the said helpless mother of Four proving the allegation as a fragmented claim by the lawmaker to tarnish the image of the woman and intimidate the family members.

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Having removed the first charge he brought against the woman in 2019, that she defrauded him of Forty Million (40,000,000.00) Naira and a Spider car after spending one year in prison, the lawmaker has allegedly continued to threaten her.

Embattled mother of four and Rep Member

The delay over this case and pronouncement of judgement has attracted questions from series of women groups, human rights and concerned citizens to humbly request the court to speed up the case and deliver Justice to save the situation.

To state the facts more clearly, one of the women activists and a recognized Nigerian online blogger, Linda Ikeji has also reported this story in her publications and adviced the federal lawmaker to seize action than to tarnish both his political image and that of his Ex.

The situation has kept Nkiru Kamalu and family restless and her children in a pitiable condition awaiting Judgment by the court.

Her people have also pleaded with the government to swing into action to save the helpless mother of Four children and family who this situation have made them live in fears of the unknown from the lawmaker’s intimidations.

However, questions have continued to flood the public range for having such a case without the the complainant being present in court for once from 2019 till date.

By his withdrawal of the forty million Naira Charge, it is a clear indication that the 40million naira claim was not sent to the woman’s account as alleged and testified by his witness. This is contrary to what he alleged that the money was sent through her zenith Bank.

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Maybe the charge was withdrawn to save his political ambition because he is seriously contesting for the House of Reps in his Area.

This indeed is a capital question yet unanswered.Sources revealed that the father of the lawmaker (name withheld), took a dangerous step to summon the helpless mother of four and her family to a deadly shrine in the area having known the implications of such an act while the lady was in prison custody.

Calls put across Honourable lawmaker Chima at the time of filling this report proved abortive.

However, a copy of the summon paper alongside other petitions against the lawmaker will be made public in our next publication to let the world know the degree of humiliation he has kept Nkiru Kamalu and family.

This has also exposed the dangers of the level of insecurity and lack of safety the situation has caused the helpless mother of Four in Imo state Nigeria. Check reference on charge sheet no How] 75c 2019.

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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