Dr Ifedi Okwenna: The Shoulder to lean on in these trying moments of our State Anambra. PDP Anambra State Chapter, beware of money bag aspirants

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Dr Ifedi Okwenna, Anambra 2021 PDP Governorship Apirants
Dr Ifedi Okwenna, Anambra 2021 PDP Governorship Apirants
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By: Evng Emmanuel Chukwunonso

Anambra State is God’s own state blessed with abundant natural and human resources. God has great interest in our, that is why our state has an edge over other South East states and states in other regions in Nigeria in the sense that it is blessed with able men and women that are great leaders in their field of specialization. This is the reason why nobody can get hold of our State to suppress or oppress anyone in politics in the name of godfatherism.

Anambra enjoyed a peaceful, progressive and a successful era in all spheres under The leadership of the administration of former Gov. H.E Peter Obi. Unfortunately that era is forgotten because the incumbent governor helped the enemies of the State to scrape both the wool and the skin of the state. This caused the Brightest light in Southern Nigeria to deem and it’s brightness no longer glow and gross darkness came upon Anambra state and her Glory departed (Ichabod).

The administration of H.E Peter Obi left a lot of money in the government coffers to help the then incoming administration settle down without complaining about funds availability, but today, under the incumbent, Anambra state is a debtor state with Billions of naira being spent and looted with none accounted for. This is not good for our beloved state.

As shepherds of the state, they are supposed to trim the wool of our beloved state and feed the sheep in order to extract enough milk and wool for all, but instead of trimming the wool, the incumbent is busy scraping both the wool and the skin together causing serious bleeding and a near death experience for our state.

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The administration of the incumbent in the last seven years brought untold hardship on the people of Anambra like never before. This is the reason for the numerous cries of Anambrarians for another Moses of our time, who will come and show us the way out of Impunity, nepotism, cluelessness, ineptitude, bribery, corruption, incompetence, hunger and poverty etc.

Dr. Ifedi Okwenna - Anambra state governorship aspirant
Dr. Ifedi Okwenna – Anambra state governorship aspirant

A man sent by God who knows the terrain, a man highly motivated, inspired by God with vision and mission for Anambra State. A man with CAPACITY, INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT IDEAS, PROGRAMS AND AGENDAS that will bring back the lost glory of the Light of the Nation with a (27 Point Agenda and 5 Objective plans). A man in whom the gods have decreed and declared fit and capable to go and save Anambra State, Dr Ifedi Okwenna Ugwumba Osumenyiis the man.

While Anambrarians were looking for a leader who would lighten the heavy burden laid on their shoulders by the (TASK MASTERS) the incumbent, who mortgaged the future of their unborn children. God was busy preparing this world class entity, a king in the making, a sage, a master planner, a UNIFIER, a man who will not only restore hope to the hopeless in our state, but a man who will raise the shoulders of Anambrarians high and restore peace, prosperity, progress and justice and alas return the state to her rightful place among the best states in Nigeria, Africa and the World at large.

I personally evaluated the aspirants vying for governorship position of our state and I discovered some very important facts, some of the aspirants from PDP, APGA, APC and others parties are focused on getting to office and start work, some are showcasing personal projects, Constituency projects, attending burials, weddings, posing in hospitals, farms, poultry to show us that they are ready to work, which is not the yardstick to access someone who has been in government ability as the State Chief Security. I also discovered insincerity, dishonesty, pride, arrogance, boasting and desperation among other vices in these aspirants.

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After these evaluations, I discovered that the only candidate capable of UNIFYING the people of Anambra state, making South East a PDP dominated region, a listening leader that will create jobs, put money in the pockets of Anambrarians, cloth them, provide basic amenities, education, healthcare, security and above all restoring HOPE to the hopeless, shelter to destitutes, giving everyone equal right in the state is no other person than Dr Ifedi Okwenna, Ugwumba Osumenyi.

He is a man with many parts, he has CAPACITY to deliver on his promises, he is Able, Amiable and Amicable, a perfect gentleman, a philanthropist, a master planner, a strategist and a HUMBLE Man.

For our State to thrive again, Dr Ifedi Okwenna is the perfect imprint, the express image of the deliverer we hope to see in Agu Awka come March 17 2022, he will be the benchmark or blueprint for other governors to follow based on what he will do in governance in the future.
If given the chance, he will transform our state to a modern State-city like Dubai, New York or Singapore.

Dr Ifedi Okwenna, Ugwumba Osumenyi, is a complete gentleman and prefers to communicate with men of low estate or the common man on the streets and his major source of strength comes from the masses.

He is a grassroot political principality, he knows the political terrain of our state, he knows the many problems of our State more than any of the aspirants and has the solution to all the many problems of our state. He is a shoulder to lean on in whatever situation you are faced with, whenever you come in contact with him, he has something positive and encouraging to tell you that will satisfy your curiosity. Dr Ifedi Okwenna is the bridge between the older generation and the younger generation.

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Talk of someone who wants to lead Anambra and he is coming from abroad, how will he understand when someone from Anyamelu, Otuocha, Ogbaru, Orumba, Nnewi South is complaining about lack of infrastructure and government presence in those areas? Dr Ifedi Okwenna is an Anambra based grassroot politícian and has been in politics for a very long time.
He is a reading leader who understands the peculiarities and particularities of Anambra State in all spheres.

He has the contacts, the connections abroad with multi national companies, world trade organizations etc that will quickly come and invest in our rich natural resources to generate revenue for the state to bounce back.

Anambra state PDP delegates, it’s up to you to see beyond the happenings in Anambra state politics today and think of tomorrow, you can accept to partner with Dr Ifedi Okwenna and find yourself within the corridors of power or choose to take peanuts or more during the primaries and wait for another 8 year to come back and seek for another peanuts to thrive on.
The choice is yours.

Written by
Evng Emmanuel Chukwunonso

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