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Entrepreneurial Marketing

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneur is the word of the 21st century as it encompasses all kinds of work achieved until now.
Famous Americans entrepreneurs have developed the IT industry like Steve Jobs.
Today, GOOGLE is evolving into, as an advertising provider for companies. As it is moving forward, small new companies linked to this field are competing in the marketing market.
Marketing is now a big part of the work done by any firm in the world. A few decades ago, marketing was just printing billboards to be stuck on a specific spot. Today, it evolves more around digitalization, networks, and internet.

Most of today’s companies have settled around social media and the new graduate students want to work in marketing positions. Which allows big wages to most of them. The rise of TikTok shows how difficult it is to follow the path of social networks. And to always find a way of interfering through advertising and monetize the trends emerging around young people.

For example, in France, many large old businesses like PUBLICIS or LVMH tend to spend much money on marketing campaigns to reach populations.
Chinese are much involved in new technologies as evidenced by recent smartphones sales. HUAWEI for example is settling around infrastructure in high technology devices because of their demands in developed markets.

Following this way, marketing in the future will change. As most entrepreneurs switched to this subject a certain time ago, it will be more intricate into everyday life like IoT (internet of things). Marketing companies will be involved into a vast array of subjects from finance to health science, through the prism of big data, digitalization, and robots.

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Today’s GAFA plays a big role in these areas as they spread their vision of what the future technology might be. For example, a few years ago, GOOGLE was spending tremendous money into the digitalization of the human brain into a virtual one. Libertarian entrepreneur was a big trend as it caused a revolution in the way people thought about new technologies.

SALESFORCE CEO Marc Benioff is one of these entrepreneurs that envision the future mindset needed for every company.

From my point of view, a lot of things had to be accomplished to deliver accurate knowledge to all and particularly Africans and Nigerians.
I have developed my own company into marketing business. I am linked to the top big names like ACN and AMWAY, and I provide my services for European customers. I have also been trained from a new generation of schools’ breed in France like OREEGAMI. These schools provide fast web training and intensive’s bootcamp from eager companies in Paris, France mainly.

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