Editorial: Imperatives Of New Naira Notes, Using US Dollar As A Reference Point- Amb. Princely Onyenwe Writes

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Rosabeth Mosa Lantern once posited, “A vision is not just a picture of what could be, it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more”.

“This implies that the country Nigeria is ripe to becoming a better place and by implication the vision conceived by the CBN’s introduction of the new naira notes should be targetted at improving the currency value and standard”

The primary purpose for a new naira note has to be non- sentimental and non -tribalistic to enable the country grow economically as an entity in the open market. The exchange rate has to improve also by the latest introduction and not just for the mere conception of New money in circulation.

Following the herald of printing of the New Naira Notes by CBN, lobbying for inscription of tribal statues is on the high gear.The Yoruba kingdom has presented the Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo having showcased his efforts during his time as the number one citizen of the Federal Republic.

The clamour to embed Obasanjo’s head to represent the Yorubas has dominated the Social media outlets and no doubt, has gathered alot of public attention which gears towards general acceptability.

Recall that in the days of OBJ as the President, the country wasn’t so difficult and harsh to compare with the present. Though there were shortcomings but Obasanjo’s goodwill in governance surpassed his odds policies and the Yorubas have adopted him as sole representative to be embedded in the new Naira note.I love the Yoruba politics and their selfishness when it comes to lobbying.

The Northern Nigeria politicians also plan the future of their people from the present leaving the South East States and the South South zone aloof in the political atmosphere.

“The Igbo Political leaders have stayed aloof from Political foresight and permutations to lobby their stand to the benefit of the people. No doubt the zone is affected by a certain setback- syndrome and lack of Development”

The Northern politicians are wise but people see then as being insensitive which is wrong. Though the zone is placed the poorest in terms of education and welfare of the masses but I am sure that the Northern politicians are at the helm of afairs and decision making in NIGERIA.

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Majority of the sensitive positions and offices are being headed by Northerners while the other tribes are taken and eventually seen as seconder when it comes to representation.No doubt the same North are Strong hearted and has shown bravery and determination to chase for the Presidential position after Buhari.

They have no blame because the South East and South south regions are divided and insensitive of the politics of the country. They cliam to be good players in the atmosphere of Politics but their zone is disenfranchised. They have forgotten the CONFAB resolution to create more states in the region.

Amb. Princely Onyenwe

If the Political figures from the SE and SS regions had known, nobody would have told them to come as an entity and work together to present a quality Presidential candidate from the South East to set a good political standpoint. Now that the currency inscription is trending, who among them will stand tall to be embedded into the New currency main stream?

From the sense of balance and equity, any Northern politician canvassing for the 2023 Presidential election is chasing a mere charade to confuse the south East’. Such a Politician could be termed heartless and insensitive.

“Back home to the New Naira currency, it will be a world-class misnomer to the CBN if the New currency cannot surpass the present Naira Notes in use in terms of quality, durability, inscriptions and value”

There are simple imprints that are supposedly added to make Nigerian currency better than the previous. This fact should not to be avoided or evaded.

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By the announcement of the New Naira Notes by the CBN Boss, NIGERIANs have started fighting against eachother calling on the CBN to inscribe the head of some personalities to defend certain tribal sentiments.The airspace is already flooded with clamour to fix the head of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the New Naira Notes even as Omokiri has advertised same Obasanjo on his recent post stating why OBJ has to be inscribed on the upcoming Naira Notes.

Assuming such plight is to be considered, then there are other personalities from three other regions like Emeka Anyaoku SE, Alhaji Sanusi North, Fmr President Goodluck Jonathan South-South, who in one way or the other served NIGERIA in various capacities.

“Meanwhile there will be no error to make our New Naira note more simple and stronger both in design and quality.However, I am of the opinion that the New Naira note be the best printed currency with a simple inscription just as American Dollar has”

My suggestion is that the upcoming currency should have good value and be inscribed with a one sentence Prayer on it like the United States of America’s inscription on the Dollar “In God we Trust”The Central Bank of Nigeria CBN can adopt the best sentence or paragraph from the national anthem like “Arise oh! Compatriot” or “Direct Our Noble Course Oh God” or One Nation bound in freedom peace and unity”

American Currency 💲

The CBN and Federal Government should also make the renewal of kobo unit be approved to also have a good useful value than scrapping it out in totality.There should be legal sanction placed on the New Naira Notes to punish offenders and this will no doubt make Naira Notes remain neat like that of American Dollar and other currency ever sighted in the open market.

I sugges the new Naira Notes will have new notable features and be more durable, valuable than the former. May Nigeria be better and the New Naira be valuable.

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