Finally Here! A Real Life Robocop Is Ready To Serve And Provide Security In Dubai

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Robocops have been unveiled in Dubai, and are set to take over most of Dubai’s policing activities from next year.

The prototype robot worked the room at the GITEX annual computer and electronic trade show which took place this week in Dubai.

The Robocop is equipped with innovative technology on its body that enables the public to report crime, and pay traffic fines using the touch screen on it. It also has the ability to interact with a human by touching, saluting and shaking hands.


Adnan Ali,  the Dubai Police Technical Innovations Department has said that the robot is expected to start patrolling tourist areas by next year.

Also, the Dubai police, IBM’s super computed, Watson and Google are working together to add a virtual assistant system to the robot so that voice command can be accessed and followed.

Source: The Herald 

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