From Lisbon: President Marcelo Rates Nigeria As Best African Economy/ Read Reactions As Buhari Departs Portugal

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Reactions have continued to dominate president Marcelo’s rating of Nigeria economy as one of the best in the global economy.

While in Lisbon, President Buhari alongside Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa participated at the closing ceremony of the Nigeria-Portugal Business Forum which ended in cheers and admirations by the participants from both countries.

The event was targetted to cement a bilateral business partnership between both countries.

In futherance, President Buhari met with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and receives Portugese National Honour in Lisbon.

There is no doubt President Buhari had a diaspora engagement in Portugal which included the following stated below:

President Buhari in Lisbon, met with Portuguese President, H.E. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as he conferred with the country’s National Honour and decorated with “GREAT COLLAR OF THE ORDER OF PRINCE HENRY”

He received gifts from Nigerian Professional footballers based in Lisbon during the Diaspora Engagement with some Nigerians living in Portugal.

Buhari also met with NIGERIAN residents over there and had a lovely moment with all and sundry.

In the spirit of improving Nigerian economy, President Buhari however called on Nigerians in the diaspora to always contribute their quota to the development of the Nation.

Both presidents while presenting the “great collar of the order of Prince Henry”

He made the call earlier on wednesday when he met with Nigerians in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meanwhile, 9News Nigeria gathered that Buhari’s visit was the FIRST TIME a sitting President has paid Nigerians in Lisbon, Portugal such a visit in More than 20 years.

The were passion and excitement on their faces as they interface with President Buhari.

While Speaking on the benefits this visit to lisbon will benefit Nigeria at the arrival of the PRESIDENTIAL team, Senator Shehu Sani tweeted that “Portugal was the first colonial power, before Britain, to berth at the shores of what is now Our Nigeria.

President Buhari presenting his address

He Further stated that “They have hugely benefited from slave trade. President Buhari in Lisbon should not forget to raise the reparations issues, despite that they are the funders of the Kano-Niger Rail line. Shehu concluded.

An anonymous while reacting on the visit stated that Lagos named for Lagos, Portugal – a maritime town which, at the time, was the main centre of Portuguese expeditions down the African coast.

Group photo with Nigerian Diasporians

Recalling that Calabar was originally given by 15th-century Portuguese navigators to the African inhabitants of that part of the Gulf of Guinea coast, if Africa was clever, we would be the ones to berth the shores of those nations, discovered them and introduced and spread ‘African civilization’ to them.

Nigeria could have also be the one to teach them how to use mineral resources and also bring whites home in ships to provide manpower for rapid industrialization, NIGERIANs react.

Portuguese president in handshake with Nigerian delegation, president Buhari 2nd left

A sensitive question to Senator Shehu came from a Nigerian economist who asked what good will the reparation be to ordinary Nigerians? The Abacha millions of dollars loots, where and how was it utilized? This is a question yet unanswered.

The Presidential visit to Lisbon was a great one while we hope to aPresentatin by Nigerian Lisbon based footballernnounce the Presentation by a Nigerian based footballer official arrival of President Buhari back to NIGERIA in few hours ahead from the time of this report.

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