From our files: What SARS did to Sunday Okeke for being IPOB member

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This case is pathetic as it is horrible. This is Mr Sunday Okeke who was arrested for being IPOB Orumba North cordinator, the Nigerian security agents known as SASRS at Awkuzu Anambra abducted him and kept him in their custody for over 7months.

During the said period in their cell, he was reportedly tortured for months: he was handcuffed on both hands and was suspended from a ceiling, SARS used “electric shock” on him and he got paralyzed on both hands.

Recall that last year, Emeka Ugwuonye had alerted the world on the silent method the Nigerian Police Abuja division uses to paralyse their suspects in Abattoir. It’s similar to what the SARS Awkuzi did to Mr Sunday Okeke. According to Ugwuonye, the Nigerian Police tie rubber on the arm or leg of suspects, handcuff and dump them on one corner of the cell. As blood seizes to flow through the vein of the affected areas, gradually, the hand or the leg paralyses.

Don’t get it twisted, DPA is bothered when human rights are violated as we have seen in this case no matter who is involved. If he was arrested for any offence, the right thing to do was to charge him to court. Let the law take it’s full course. It’s Mr Sunday Okeke today, it could be you tomorrow. A man full of life, look at what he has been reduced to. Today, he is paralysed on both hands. He was hanged with handcuff on both hands for months. You can see the scar of the handcuff on his hands. This is the height of wickedness and callousness on the part of SARS AWKUZU.

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Ifeanyi Calistus
Director Of Information

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