Gov Wike Has Signed Into Law The Female Inheritance Bill of Rivers State

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The Law is formally known as “The Rivers State Prohibition of the Curtailment of Women’s Right to Share in Family Property Law No. 2 of 2022”

Speaking on the law, Governor Wike expressed displeasure at how most cultures, particularly in Rivers State, do not encourage what engenders growth among the people.

He wondered why women are deprived of sharing in the inheritance of their families when they are often the most useful members of society in comparison to most male children.

Governor Wike asserted that the law is important to the development of the State because it will enable its people to actualize their potential, as women will be allowed by law to inherit their entitlements.

“I don’t know why it’s a taboo; because you’re a girl, because this is a woman, you’re not entitled to inherit what belongs to your father.

“It is not you who decides whether you will have a girl or you’ll have a boy, it is God. So, put yourself in their shoes today whereby the mercy of God you have three children and they’re all girls and you struggle in life to see what you can keep for your children.

“Tomorrow, one of their uncles comes, and says, my friend, girls don’t inherit their father’s property. With all your efforts in life, somebody comes to discriminate against them, why? We have even found out that women are more useful to us than even men.

“The day, you’re getting old and dying you’ll know that you need more daughters than men. They will leave their husband’s house and come to take care of you.”

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Governor Wike urged women not to be afraid of any threat from members of their families concerning inheritance. He asked them to stand up for their rights and challenge any discrimination against them in court, using the law to access their entitlements.

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