Hon. Buchi Oparaugo Is The Light That Will Illuminate Owerri Federal Constituency – Comrd Cole Emeka

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Owerri Federal Constituency has been devoid of economic and social activities for over two decades due to poor representation of the constituency by calibre of people we elected into the Green Chambers.

On assumption into these positions, they jettison the wishes and aspirations of the people who voted for them with their selfish agenda, thereby avoiding the constituents. They now create a high wall separating them and the people they represent.

You don’t know when they visit home from Abuja but they have their banners inscripted with one deceitful empowerment project or the other without corresponding projects to show for it. All they do is to recruit sudo apostles who preach false gospels about projects they have done.

Our people have been relegated to the background for too long to extent of having no one to trust and believe in any longer.

Fortunately, the narrative is about to change with a new breed son of the soil that is very articulative, uncorrupt, prudent, a technocrat and seasoned administrator in the person of our own illustrious son and brother who has offered to offer distinctive service to his people.

He is capable to bring our people out from this moribund, socio-political imbroglio and economic doldrums back on track. That person is no other than Chief Buchi Oparaugo.

He possesses all the qualities deserving of a true and transparent representative for Ndi Owerri.With him, Owerri Federal Constituency’s name will reverberate at the right corners for the right reasons. With him in the saddle, the voice of the people will be heard at the Green Chambers and the world will know that we are on the global map.

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He has the capacity and pragmatism to attract Federal presence into Owerri Federal Constituency.Let us work with Chief Buchi Oparaugo, so that our Constituency will be prosperous. Please come inside, together we will deliver the Vision 2023.

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