Judge me by my Contributions to Eleme as Council Chairman, Amb. Oji Ngofa Challenges Gov Wike

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Once again, I watched with great dismay, the drunken vituperation of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike, at the flag off of his phantom road project in Eleme, my LGA, today, 5th of December, 2022.

It is sad and really unfortunate, that Mr. Nyesom Wike has made it a habit to use the commissioning or flag-offs of his self-promoting brick-and-mortar unsustainable projects as a platform to insult and disparage distinguished sons and daughters of our dear state, who disagrees with him, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayers money to do so.

The governor has once again, today, ignorantly called into questioning my duties to the Eleme people as an Ambassador to the Royal Kingdom of Netherlands. The public would recall that the governor did the same thing some time ago, and I took out time to educate him about the duties and responsibilities of an Ambassador, but he reflects a low cognitive ability and pedestrian appreciation of diplomatic duties. So allow me to guide the governor once again since he has proven to be a very poor student, that an ambassador works with a Station Charter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Station Charter defines the duties of an ambassador in a Receiving State. He needs to go and get a copy, and in so doing, the governor would discover that attracting projects and flying people overseas is not part of the responsibilities of an Ambassador, as he erroneously and ignorantly claimed. My work and achievements as an Ambassador are easy to assess with a click of a button on a google search engine.

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Furthermore, may I kindly remind the governor, that I was a local government chairman, indeed the longest-serving Council Chairman in the history of Eleme Local Government Area. Any valid assessment of my value and contributions to the politics of Rivers State and the people of Eleme should be my performance as an elected Council Chairman, since understanding how diplomacy works is a challenge to Governor Wike.

But then, I am forced to ask, why are Governor Wike and his cheerleaders so afraid to talk about my performance as a Council Chairman? Is it because they are aware that they have not added anything to my monumental achievements as a Council Chairman since 2015?

Let me kindly use this opportunity to inform Governor Wike that the 2023 Elections will be a referendum on those who have been saddled with public service responsibilities, either exiting or incumbents, and the people will pass their verdict through their votes. His outdated despotic terror tactics of weaponizing poverty to subdue Rivers people will fail.

A Governor should understand that he is an embodiment of the collective wisdom of his people. It is about time to put a stop to these endless shameful shenanigans in the name of politics. The 2023 General Elections will be a watershed moment for Rivers State and it will be decided by the citizens of our dear State. Rivers people are not conquered, people.

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