Lagos Takes Lead In Development- Begins Installation Of Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS)

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From Princely Onyenwe

Lagos state government has commenced the installation of Intelligent Transport Solution ITS at Allen Ikeja to track road users. It will be of good alert to drivers shuttling lagos routes to keep to the rules to avoid been ticketed.

While majority of state Governors are struggling to develop their states, Lagos state government through the ministry of transport has added another feat by the installation of Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS) at Allen Junction Ikeja.

Though the installation was criticized by the opposition Political party in lagos state but the masses are commending the lagos state government under Governor Sanwo Olu for improving the Developments across the state.

Reseach has it that Lagos State is the fastest developing state in the federal republic of Nigeria and no doubt some states across the zones are envious about it but can still create development to improve teir areas.

However it will be nice for drivers cum users of this road to exercise restrain while driving to avoid been ticketed. This was done overnight and you are privileged to get to know first.

Information reaching 9News Nigeria news desk has it that more of ITS would be installed across Lagos State soon. It will also help eradicate LASTMA’s harassments and continous struggle by drivers in the state.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of clarity whenever the light turns Orange colour, please do not bother to risk it to drive otherwise your car will surely be tracked and ticketed.

Our Agege area reporter has also confirmed that same ITS is already mounted at Agege traffic lights and more are going to be installed all over Lagos state.

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This is happening at a time when many governors are struggling to develop their respective states and by so doing Lagosians are happy to have seen the installation of ITS going on across lagos state.

This is powered by the APC led adminstration of Governor Sanwo Olu of Lagos State.

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