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 By Mikar Ojokoro, Esq.

The Igbo and the Yoruba political elites are the best boot lickers of Mr Buhari`s worse Government in history. Fool me once you are the fool, fool me twice with your ‘’brome’’ and ‘’change mantra’’, we will all together shall be the biggest fool.

When Mr Muhammadu Buhari contested and we were advised that he won the 2015 presidential election in spite of warnings  and fears from some people – including myself that Mr Buhari will not be a good president given his nepotic predilections, religious bigotry pedigree, advancing age with questionable health/ medical status, dictatorial antecedents, mediocre education, archaic understanding of modern economic management, fake anti-corruption reputation / the dubious war against indiscipline, and above all, Mr Buhari`s lack of evidence of formal relationship with new learnings in the new order since leaving office over 30 years ago.

However, we witnessed what later turned out to be like kerosene anointing and premature excitement in the air throughout the northern Nigeria and most states in the south-western Nigeria. Buharimaniacs gloried about the man as the “messiah”. The slogans “Sai baba, Sai Buhari” and “Change” had an intoxicating effect on many Nigerians, to the extent that buharimania, became a mental disease characterised by irrational adoration of Mr Muhammadu Buhari and spread like wildfire. This disease was so contagious that even respected ageing professors, professionals and the clergy discarded their thinking caps, episcopal robes and uncritically jumped into the Buhari bandwagon. I refused to do so, and will continue to do so.

A reflection on post Buhari1s inauguration as a president, Mr Buhari went to London and made a very worrying and bizarre statement “that his administration will do justice to all Nigerians based on his puzzling mathematical formulae of 97% versus 5%, as determined by the quantum of votes he received during his election”. And since Mr Buhari received the least number of votes from the south-east, it was evident that Igboland would be dealt with by Buhari, and it happened so, and so was some other part of the country.

Now let us hope that the Nigerian electorate are not fools to re-elect Mr Buhari for the second term. I hope there is no loss of memory amongst some of us. I hope there is no case of a typical amnesia amongst Nigerians to suddenly forget the enduring effect of Mr Buhari`s crimes against Nigerians and Nigeria as country.

It is very awful for anyone to somehow continue to hope that Mr Buhari who rose to power by deception of integrity and fake corruption fighting can still has anything to offer to Nigeria.  Take notice that a dictator cannot suddenly become a democrat rather he can only grow old and possibly with no regret about his misdeeds and atrocities.  Lest we forget, there remains a far looming danger personified in the history and person of Mr Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Buhari`s misdeeds and atrocities remain what millions of Nigerians and others can verify. Mr Buhari`s atrocities are what can be sustained by evidence accessible by all and sundry who care and want the best for Nigeria.  Mr Buhari is the least qualified and least ready for the top job amongst all the presidential candidates. The grounds by which Mr Buhari is being promoted as the APC choice are not only shaky, but pitifully perilous.

We should not forget that history matters. Records are not kept for decorating our archives and libraries but to inform us, educate us, remind us and guides to the future. We do know that a bad person can change to become a better person and vice versa. It was by this reason that some mistakenly thought that a new Buhari was born in 2015, obviously it was wrong as Mr Buhari turned out as a bad market and a fake born-again democrat.  Obviously, we made a mistake. We got it woefully wrong. And we say sorry.

Sound sadly enough, Mr Buhari has remained a dictator and has never changed except by age and by possible cognition decline.  Nigerians have been offered no evidence of real change or prospect of same. On the contrary, all evidence suggests that this is one individual who remains convinced that he is above the law, who the law cannot call to order.

Mr Buhari is one individual who is so arrogant in his ways and has demonstrated time and time again that he does not need Nigerians more than Nigerians need him. This is one individual who refused to attend the presidential debate and had rather told lies about it – why he did not want to come to the debate where Nigerians were waiting to hear from their president.

This is an individual who told the gathering of lawyers something to the effect that the rule of law is of no importance when it comes to what he (Mr Buhari) believes to be of “National interest “and has been using this to detain prominent Nigerians who oppose him or his government, and has been effectively flouting all courts orders to release them.

Mr Buhari is the individual amongst his peers who treated a Commission of Enquiry – the Oputa- Led-Panel, with open condescension. Mr Buhari bluntly refused to appear before the Oputa Panel even though complaints that were tabled against him involved a foul-smelling history of gross abuses of power and unashamed and deliberate assault on the fundamental human rights of the Nigerian citizenry. Prominent amongst these charges was an act that is tantamount to nothing less than judicial murder – the execution of a citizen under a retroactive decree, – Mr Buhari`s notorious decree 20.

To you Nigerians, how can we quickly forget the three Nigerian youths – Lawal Ojuolape (30yo), Bernard Ogedengbe (29yo) and Bartholomew Owoh (26yo). One of these three youths– Bernard Ogedengbe – was executed for a crime that did not carry a capital punishment at the time it was committed. This was a shocking crime carried out by Mr Buhari in defiance of pleas and protests of almost every sector of the Nigerian and international community. Mr Buhari persisted in this insensitive and inhuman act for only one reason – that he wants to place Nigerians on notice that they were now under an iron rule.  The execution of that youthful innocent when the punishment did not exist as at the time of the alleged commission of the offence was nothing short of premeditated murder.

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For killing this innocent youth Mr Buhari (the perpetrators of this heinous crime) should normally stand trial upon his loss of immunity.  Nigerians except the useful fools and those with amnesia are not expected to forget this violation of our entitlement to security and the right to life as provided under Nigeria laws. To make the feeling worse, Mr Buhari has not even shown any remorse or expressed any desire for forgiveness from the society he had wronged or from the families he had rendered childless and widowed.

Rather Mr Buhari has declared in the most categorical terms that he had no regrets over this murder and would do so again, can you believe this? The less talked about Nigerian civil war was a very challenging and sensitive discussion to have given  huge loss of lives conservatively estimated to be over 3 million Igbos including  over 1 million Igbo children.

In an interview granted to BBC,  Mr Buhari had said that  “he does not regret the role he had played in the Biafran war,  and at such do not owe any apology to anyone,  and that if there is a repeat of the civil war again, that he will kill more Igbos to save Nigeria”.  No wonder Mr Buhari did not want to appear before Oputa Panel of Enquiry. A man that is supposed to be the president of the whole country should never be acting and talking in this manner.

Nigerians, and infact Igbos should reflect on this event that happened in 1985 which all started in 1983 when the then Secretary general of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Dr Edem Kodjo of Togo stepped down prematurely and was replaced by a Nigerian of Igbo origin called Dr Peter Onu as acting Secretary general.

Dr Peter Onu was a Nigerian diplomat and philanthropist. He served as an ambassador to Germany.  He was a very brilliant man and alumni of UNN who was well respected and became friends to the legendary Dr Julius Mwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania.

In 1985 it was time for an official secretary general of the OAU and most African leaders who were very confident in Dr Peter Onu leadership wanted to vote him to become the new secretary General Of OAU.   What happened next was very shocking to most African leaders. What happened was captured in Ibrahim Daggash book called OAU: Fictions and fact.  The book reads:

“…In 1985 at African Hall we were campaigning for Dr Peter Onu of Nigeria to be made the OAU Secretary general. We learnt that the Head of State of Nigeria General Muhammadu Buhari was supporting another candidate IDI OMARO from Niger republic. We were shocked so we mobilized a team to meet with General Buhari. The team was led by the very popular Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and other African leaders. When we approached General Buhari,  Julius Nyerere begged him: “Please give us Peter Onu from your country!’ Gen Buhari refused and even got very annoyed with us. What was surprising was that, when the result emerged and the winner was Niger’s Candidate IDI OMARO – a Muslim, General Buhari rejoiced to such a degree that he was unable to control his emotions. That was a moment I witnessed and was convinced that General Buhari would not last long as a leader”.

With that single act Mr Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria became the only president in history to vote against his own country.  Mr Buhari couldn’t bear the thought of an Igbo man heading the OAU, so he voted for Niger’ Republic instead. Did you hear this? Never in the History of Nigeria have we ever had a President that showed openly his disdain for people of his own country and what they stand for.

Given what is known about Mr Buhari from the time he participated in the northern revenge coup of July 29, 1966 through the civil war to the periods he was federal commissioner for petroleum resources, military head of state and chairman, Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), there is no doubt that Mr Buhari has an instinctive indifference to the concerns of Igbos which often manifests as contempt for Igbo nation.  This is a man that was accused of participating in the terrible atrocities against the Igbos, both on January 29, 1966 and during the course of the massacre of innocent civilians in the North in September, October and November 1966.

This is very unfortunate, and it is nothing but a sad and graphic reflection of Mr Buhari`s unremorseful and vicious mindset.  The truth is that it is because Mr Buhari failed to face the Oputa-led panel and answer those questions about 18 years ago, that we are still asking those same questions today, and the best way to handle this is not to cause more havoc, intimidating people or by  dismissing these grave and serious questions.

Despite the steady rise of Buharial dictatorialism and brazen unfairness against the Igbo nation, the political boot leakers of Igbo extraction keep twisting the truth and inventing fake facts that Mr Buhari is a friend of the Igbo to the extent of crowning Mr Buhari the unmerited “Okechukwu one” of Igbo land. Those useful idiots in Igbo land who are into this game do not represent Igbo nation whose average indigene no longer depend on or have fate in the current Nigerian government.

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Igbo states have a lot of people with relevant experiences and well educated people amongst the multi ethnic cum multi religious Nigerian society. Therefore it is an insult for Mr Buhari to come to Enugu recently and said something to the effect that there was no Igbo person to be appointed into his cabinet or services chiefs when he looks at records/ criteria for political appointment. Yet Mr Buhari has all the power concentrated with his own people who are half baked at the exclusion of other tribes and at awful detriment of all Nigerians and the country as a state.  Least you be deceived, the Igbo ministers in Mr Buhari government which Mr Buhari and his apologists are always quick to point out as a favour to Igbo nation is rather a pressured fulfilment of the constitutional provision which stipulates that the president must appoint at least a minister from each state. Otherwise the Mr Buhari that we know would not do this. The crime that Mr Buhari committed against the entire nation went further to include the most profound negations of civic being, – hammering down the freedom of expression in general terms, and specifically forbade all public discussion of democratic rule, a situation that at some point left Journalists resorted to cartoons to sustain the people’s campaign for democratic rule.  This same Mr Buhari has not changed in 2019 rather has become more vicious and under the control of the cabal.

It is only Mr Buhari and his 2 man cabal that have utterly refused to have Nigeria re-structured for the common good of all Nigerians. It is utterly woeful deprive a people of volition in their own political direction by wanting to turn a nation into a colony of slaves. Mr Buhari wants to keep enslaving the Nigeria nation. Mr Buhari glorified himself before millions of Nigerian citizens who he had enslaved and still wanting to re-enslave.  Right thinking Nigerian citizens should not clamour to be ruled by this individual who did not only in the past have turned Nigerian nation into a slave plantation but forbade them any discussion of their condition.

Nigerians and the Yoruba’s in particular have we forgotten Dr Tai Solarin just like that?  Dr Tai Solarin who was tear-gassed and incarcerated by Mr Buhari and was denied even to take his own medication for his asthmatic condition triggered by tear gas? Tai did not ask to be sent for treatment overseas as Mr Buhari; all he asked was his traditional medicine that had proved so effective after years of struggle with asthma!  Dr Tai Solarin passed away and will be turning in his grave each time Mr Buhari presents himself to rule Nigeria.

Mr Buhari who flung to dictatorship in 1983 after overthrowing a democratic elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari.  Analysts had it that the coup was not really staged against Shagari but to make sure that plan that will aid transition to Shagari`s vice president – Dr Alex Ekwueme who was going to run for presidency in the next political dispensation does not hold. As if this was not enough, Shagari who was the president of the overthrown government was kept in cozy house detention in Ikoyi while his powerless deputy, Dr Alex Ekwueme was locked up in Kiri-kiri prisons. Such was the Buhari notion of equitable apportionment of guilt and/or responsibility.  The impact of Dr Alex Ekwueme`s illegal detention did not go away till Dr Ekwueme passed away. Mr Buhari had his list of the sacred cows and the big fishes of the overthrown Shagari government who were mainly from Housa/ Fulani extractions and ensured they were not detained or mistreated.  Interesting amongst in the list was Secretary-General of the party, Mr Uba Ahmed, who was out of the country at the time Shagari was overthrown. Despite the closure of the Nigerian airspace, Uba Ahmed compelled the pilot of his plane to demand special landing permission, he had not known of the change in his status since he was airborne.

The airport commandant approved his landing request and Mr Uba Ahmed unknowingly disembarked into the arms of a military guard and was promptly taken into detention.  Incredibly, Uba Ahmed vanished a few days after and reappeared in safely in overseas. When Mr Buhari was asked to explain the miraculously vanished act of this much prized big fish and Mr Buhari’s response was one of the most arrogant levity coming from one who had shot his way into power on the slogan of ‘discipline’. This is the same way Mr Buhari is “fighting” the so called “corruption” till this day, yet Nigerian useful idiots address Mr Buhari as a person of integrity?  Mr “Integrity” indeed, Integrity my foot.

Nigerians, how can we quickly forget the trumped charges and series of trials that landed several politicians to several lifetimes in prisons, particularly how can we forget the ‘judicial’ processes undergone by a respected septuagenarian Pa Adekunle Ajasin.  Pa Ajasin was arraigned and tried before Buhari’s punitive tribunal but acquitted. Dissatisfied, Buhari ordered his re-trial. Again, the Tribunal could not find this pa Ajasin guilty of a single crime, once again Pa Ajasin was returned for trial, only to be acquitted of all charges of corruption or abuse of office. Yet Pa Ajasin was not released. He was ordered to be detained indefinitely by Mr Buhari for no apparent reason known in law.

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Nigerians, have we also forgotten how Mr Buhari’s deliberately humiliated and mistreated the Emir of Kano and the Oni of Ife over their visit to the state of Israel?  These two royal fathers went to Israel on their private business. Simply because the Mr Buhari regime was pursuing some antagonistic foreign policy towards Israel, a policy of which these traditional rulers were not party to. Because they went to Israel they were subjected on their return to a treatment that could only be described as a head masterly chastisement of delinquent boys. It is interesting to ask since when did free citizens of the Nigerian nation require the permission of a head of state to visit a foreign nation?

Lest we forget, under Mr Buhari`s government the peaceful Igbo nation remains under siege – effectively reminding Igbos that they are forever defeated and left as a militarized war zone, molesting and intimidating people in the name of python dance.

Lest we forget, the Biafran Jewish worshippers and Igbo women who peacefully demonstrate get arrested and detained. And shear Muslims are being killed in their hundreds.

Lest we forget, it is Mr Buhari`s government, that the Igbo palace of Nnamdi Kanu`s father was desecrated and lethally invaded by the military- an illegal military invasion which forced Nnamdi Kanu and the family to flee for safety.

Lest we forget, under Mr Buhari`s government, peaceful demonstrating indigenous people of Biafran youths who have neither gun nor ever killed anyone are disingenuously labelled terrorists and being killed in their hundreds and buried in shallow mass graves while Mr Buhari turned a blind eye to killer Fulani herdsmen who remain untouchable with their sacred cows destroying Nigerians people farm products across the nation.

It is rather nauseating how some Nigerian useful fools quickly love to point to Mr Buhari as Mr ‘Integrity’ and ‘Mr discipline’. To indoctrinate integrity and discipline, Mr Buhari must lead not by mouth but by demonstration of those virtues he professes, – obeying laws set down as guides to public decency as that would definitely speak louder than mere mouthing deceptive declarations of – “discipline” and “fighting corruption”.  Rulers do not exempt themselves from the disciplinary censures imposed on the overall polity, especially on any issue that seeks to establish a policy for public well-being.  It is double standard to be mouthing ‘’war against corruption and indiscipline’’ and at the same time keep showing utterly contempt to the rule of law, the legislature and the Judiciary – such as single by handedly removing the Chief Justice of Nigeria. Nigerians, how can we forget the story of about “almost fifty suit cases found for the exercise of a changeover of the national currency” when the Nigerian borders – air, sea and land – had been shut tight and nothing was supposed to move in or out. And yet a prominent camel was allowed through that same boarder. Reports had it that not only did Mr Buhari dispatched his aide-de-camp (Jokolo) who later to became an emir to facilitate the entry of those cases, Mr Buhari also ordered the redeployment of the Customs Officer who stood firmly against the entry of the contravening baggage.  Coincidentally, that custom officer then is Mr Atiku the rival candidate to Mr Buhari`s presidency.

This is an individual who once said that women belong to the Kitchen and the other room”. Anyone who is running his own home in this manner cannot run a government at any level. The wife and the son of Mr Buhari have cried out that Mr Buhari is no longer the one running the government. This is time and time again evidenced by seemingly cognitive impairment exhibited by Mr Buhari in all his campaign trails and in governance.  We all saw what happened in a town hall meeting where Mr Buhari was supposed to be responding to questions from Nigerians; – many who were supporting him automatically became ashamed to admit that such an imbecilic sounding man is the Nigeria president?.  It was so bad that the moderator of the town hall meeting had to sternly caution Vice President Osinbajo to leave Mr Buhari alone to answer the questions directed to him by Nigerians… haba… ah ah…she screamed.

And lastly, what a lot of people do not know is that Mr Muhammadu Buhari who has no school certificate cannot suddenly become knowledgeable and or cognitively sound by reason of Vice President Osinbanjo`s intellect and professorship. And Vice President Osinbanjo who is seen as foreigner by the cabal in the Fulani cabal-controlled presidency that controls the president shall continue to have no power to effect anything in the government apart from sharing money to buy electoral votes in the marketplace.  Any person who is supporting this kind of person for re-election is anti-Nigeria and is only doing so for selfish reason/s.

We aver that Mr Buhari has caused hatred and divisions in Nigeria. A country which once stood and pride itself in brotherhood.  Nigerians, it is therefore pertinent not to forget the dangers ahead being forewarned and prophesied by many including experts should Mr Muhammadu Buhari who inter alia and as so stated so vindictive, insensitive, so divisive and polarizing a figure to be re-elected as a president of Nigeria.



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