Lunatic takes over Ekiti school, attacks teachers, pupils

A member of police bomb disposal unit places a water bomb disruptor, at the site where a suspicious package was found, for detonation along Roxas boulevard near the US embassy in Manila on November 28, 2016. According to press reports quoting the police, the suspicious package was found inside a box along a with a cell phone and another electronic device, which the police successfully detonated. / AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE

Lives of teachers and pupils of AUD Primary School, Irona, Ado-Ekiti are under threat due to the activities of a lunatic that has turned the school to his abode.

The lunatic chases pupil and throws stones at teachers anytime he sees them within the school premises.

The mentally derailed man takes over ten blocks which he fills with huge refuse while he permanently sleeps in one of the classrooms.

Apart from the activities of the lunatic suspected rapists, burglars and Indian hemp smokers have turned the popular primary school to
their hideouts.

These problems have led to a drop in the enrolment in the school as parents who are scared of the activities of the lunatic and criminals have withdrawn their wards.

The head teacher, Mrs. Taibat Yusuf, in a chat with our reporter on Monday called for the intervention of the state government.
Mrs. Yusuf said the activities of the lunatic and suspected criminals were constituting threats to learning in the school.

She said: “We are calling on the state government to intervene and help us evacuate the lunatic from the school compound because of the
threat he poses to the pupils and staff.

“The lunatic chases our pupils, throws stones at teachers and always threaten them anytime they are in school.

“Teachers and pupils are always gripped by fear that he may invade their classrooms at any time and this won’t make them to concentrate.

“Our school compound has been turned to a den of rapists, Indian hemp smokers and other criminals and this has led to the withdrawal of many pupils from the school.
“Besides, we want the government to renovate the collapsing fence which gives easy access to the lunatic and men of the underworld.

“Many of our classrooms have become dilapidated and the school also needs a gate as a form of security for teachers and pupils.”

An old pupil of the school, Alhaji Olohunkemi Tajudeen Ogunjobi, who lamented the sorry state of his alma-mater also called for the assistance of the state government.

Ogunjobi said: “It is a pity that a school which I attended has been turned to an abode of a madman and criminals.

“Security of the teachers and their pupils are not guaranteed. The enrolment in the school has dropped from over 150 pupils to less than 30 because of all these problems.

“We want the Police and Civil Defence officers to come here and arrest the lunatic. Besides, government should also employ a day guard and night watchman to guard the school.

“The dilapidated classrooms should be demolished to have an open field in which pupils can play and can also be rented out for social functions to generate revenue.

“It is unbelievable that the school, which was beautiful and a pride of other schools in those days, has turned to something else. We need the intervention of government and other well-meaning individuals.”

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