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Memoirs of Adesua (1) – Thieves at midnight

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The clock beside the bed read 3.00am and she suddenly woke up with a start, panting with great beads of perspiration. Wondering what it was, Adesua heard the footsteps of someone, lurking around in the dark probably with intention or motif to carry cause mayhem. Though stealthy as it was she could still make out the faint sounds of footsteps moving slowly towards her location.


The bedroom, was simply furnished with a bed in the middle, a desk drawer as the far end of the room, a wall mirror, a broom and two travel bags closely located by the bed. Looking around frantically, Adesua tried to locate anything that could be useful in self defense in the case of any eventuality. As she was still wondering what to do in her state of fear, she heard a loud thud, as something hit the ground and at the same time, he heard the voice of the intruders for the first time, they were voice from a male and female.


She stood up, looked out the window, and noticed for the first time, that the entire neighbourhood was in pitch darkness. The night was so dark due to the absence of the moon. A cloud had formed over the sky, making the stars disappear which made it seem as if it would rain.


The rains usually come towards the early part of the second quarter of the year after a period of intense heat owing the effects of the scorching sun which leaves the temperature around the western parts at 30 degrees. Children and adults alike are not spared from resultant effects of the heat experienced at such times.


After staring out the window for a seconds, the door to her room was flung open and suddenly there was light from very powerful beam obviously from a torch.


To be continued…

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