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Reckless love of God

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Each time I come across this phrase, “Reckless Love”, it is amusing and when linked to the almighty God, becomes really astounding. God is not a man and His Ways are not the Ways of men so the bible tells us for we also experience this nature of God on many occasions.


Salvation has been made available to all mankind free of charge, that’s why he said in his word in the book of Matt. 11.28. (“Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”). The love of God is available to all even to those who despise Him in one way or the other either through their acts or thoughts.  Jesus speaking in the book of John 14:6 KJV, saying “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto thy father, but by me.”


If you carefully study the bible, especially the two quotations above, you will find out that God gives his salvation to mankind freely without thinking of getting anything back in return. God does not think of the cost, the pain or labour, he just gives out freely without holding back anything from us his creations.


The nature of the Almighty God can be linked to one who “Gives Recklessly”, without thinking of the consequences of this act. If you consider the story of the Shepherd on the field, who took a hundred Sheep to the mountains to graze and at the end of the day, finds out that ONE, out the HUNDRED had strayed and gotten lost. The Shepherd leaves the other NINETY-NINE in the open country and goes after the lost sheep, and upon finding it, puts in on his with so much joy, and on getting home, goes round his nieghbour, inviting them to rejoice with him, for he has found a lost sheep.


The Sherpherd is Jesus, we are the sheep and sinners are the lost sheep, and the Bible tells us, that “there is much joy in Heaven over a SINNER that repents”. God almighty sent JESUS CHRIST to die for mankind, even for sinners and unbelievers.  God did this act of “RECKLESS LOVE in advance waiting for us to repent from our sins and turn to JESUS. He took the risk not minding the fact that at the end many might decide not to repent, since it is clear that the Almighty God has given us the freedom of choice.


God’s love is described as Reckless, because he does not count the COST or PAIN, instead he makes HIS GRACE available to all mankind. God’s love is not Cunning or Shrewd but open to all who cares to access it. As Christians, let us all have an undying love for souls, so we can always Evangelize  (Matt. 11.28-30, Mk. 16.15) and win them over to the side of Christ and depopulate them from the side of the Devil and Hell.

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