Missing Person: Cali Igwe Abducted In Abuja At His Arrival From US, Spotted Last In Kogi State, Call For Police Swift Intervention

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Public Notice!!

Insecurity: A United State based Nigerian, Cali Igwe who hails from Abia state Nigeria was kidnapped by criminals within a hotel arena in Abuja where he lodged at his arrival from the United States.

The incident took place in April 2023 when he came back to Nigeria to establish his building, inspect his businesses and take care of his sick mother but luck ran out of him when he fell in the hands of abductors in Abuja Nigeria.

The abductors took him from Abuja to Kogi state Nigeria and till date his whereabout is not traceable by family relatives.

The photo in this story represents Cali Igwe from Abia state Nigeria who has been decleared missing at the time of this report by family members.

Nigerian US based missing Cali Igwe

His extended family called on 9News Nigeria to help make his abduction public to activate his immediate search and rescue by law enforcement agents and security operatives.

Information gathered has it that the young man came back from abroad and was abducted in a certain hotel in Abuja Nigeria.

Cali Igwe, at his mid fifties of age was released from his abductors after a ransom was paid to a certain account. His phone rang and he told his relatives that he found himself in Kogi state Nigeria where he walked through the valley of death and joined a vehicle going to the east.

Unfortunately Cali Igwe was spotted by Kogi police officers on road check and was ordered to come down for explanation. When the officers sighted bullet wounds on his legs, he was ordered to move with them to a police station in Kogi state.

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After which, he was taken to a certain police station in Kogi state Nigeria unknown to his relatives till date.

The last time he called was the day he said he was arrested by Kogi state police team and was detained at the police for interrogation.

Since his arrest by Kogi state police, his phone number hasn’t been going through till date. According to Cali by his last talk with his Owerri relatives, ” My abductors whisked me away from my hotel arena in Abuja and I found my self in Kogi forest where I spent some weeks.

“The abductors shot me on my legs and requested for ransom. But before the ransom, one of the abductors spoke to me on Igbo and showed me a way out from a thick forest.

“An unknown person from the forest helped me out and paid my transport fare to the east but on my way going police stopped the car and spotted my wounds and asked me to follow them to a police station in Kogi state.

” The police allegedly detained me as a criminal which i told them i was not. They requested for fifty thousand Naira which my relatives transferred to a roadside POS and the officers withdrew it and said I should follow them to a police station in Kogi.

His relatives told 9News Nigeria that Cali Igwe is not a criminal. He came back from the United States to see his sick mother and check on his investments here in Nigeria but unfortunately was abducted within the hotel arena when he came out to buy some items.

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Since then, the entire family and relatives are in tensed pressure because Cali Igwe’s number hasn’t been going through till the time of this report by 9News Nigeria.

Abducted Cali Igwe

Cali left to Nigeria From US and was abducted in Abuja within a hotel residence where he lodged. Few days after, the abductors took him to a forest in Kogi state. When he was released by the group, a good Nigerian showed him the way out and paid for his transport to the East.

Unfortunately he was arrested by the police because of the bullet wound he sustained on his leg. The abductors shot his legs to make him cough out money but was released without any ransom after he spent weeks in the abductors den in Kogi state via Abuja Nigeria.

Relevant agencies are by this notice called to help out to save this life, identify his exact location in Kogi state Nigeria and possibly relocate him to his family. His mother is in a tensed situation as we speak.

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