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The Nigerian Agricultural Mechanisation and Equipment Leasing Company (NAMEL) led by Dr. Ahmed Adekunle has indicated the company’s readiness to partner with the Cross River State Government on the “PROJECT GROW” programme of the State Government.

This was disclosed to pressmen after a meeting of the company with the State’s agricultural team on the modalities for engagement between the State and NAMEL.

By this, the Cross River State Government has taken proactive measures to ensure that Cross Riverians experience a better life through people-oriented agricultural reforms in the state taking into cognizance the current uproar in food insecurity biting harder on a daily basis in the country.

One of the numerous efforts of His Excellency, Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu is a partnership consideration with the Nigerian Agricultural Mechanization and Equipment Leasing Company (NAMEL) to establish well- structured farm holdings within the “PROJECT GROW” framework.

The Company would achieve this by readily providing farm equipment such as tractors, ploughs, planters among others, for leasing, to boost agricultural productivity in Cross River State.

In a technical meeting with NAMEL Team, held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation Development, The Commissioner for Agriculture and Irrigation Development, Hon. Johnson Andiambey Ebokpo and The Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Mike Odere alongside the State Project Director, “Project Grow” and some Directors of the Ministry engaged with the NAMEL team, to understand the operational model and align it with the needs of the State.

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In his opening remarks, Hon. Commissioner Johnson Andiambey Ebokpo reiterated the government’s commitment to making Cross River State the agricultural business hub of Nigeria and alleviating Cross Riverians from poverty through efficient and sustainable agricultural programs.

During his presentation, The Chief Executive of NAMEL, Dr Ahmed Adekunle explained that his company will specifically partner with the Cross River State Government on land clearing activities to ease the huge financial burden on smallholdings farmers and genuine investors. It will also serve as an incentive to external investors with interests in the state’s agricultural sector. The company will also provide mechanization and leasing services of equipment to enhance agricultural operations.

Dr. Adekunle explained further that the pivotal role played by smallholdings farmers shall ensure the success and sustainability of “Project grow” and would lead to a significant increase in the state agricultural land banks, job creations, increased crop yield, revenue generation, improvement in rural livelihood as well as an increase in the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

The technical meeting was well- attended by strategic stakeholders, team members of “Project Grow”, Director Planning Research and Statistics, Mr. Cliff Oyira, Director of Public, Private and Development Partnership, Mr. Charles Ofulue, Director Mechanization and Irrigation, Engr. Mrs Justina Ulafor, and the Director of Agricultural Services, Mr Etta Henry, and Mr Ayoola Ayodeji, NAMEL team member.

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