Nigeria is only broke to fund Education, it is not broke to steal

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Nigeria is broke…

In a country like Nigeria where stagflation and high volume of poverty estimation has eaten deep into the cankerworm, ranking the poverty list at the headquarters. Yet we see some spending extravagantly, where have they gotten this money from, was it stolen or real handiwork?

Nigeria is broke and yet people are enthusiastic to pay N20,000,000 each for just the form to contest for the chairmanship position of a political party that will field candidates for election.

Nigeria is broke and people are ready to pay N40,000,000 just to pick a nomination form to contest to be president of the broke country under their party.

Nigeria is broke but still able to maintain all the presidential aircraft.

Nigeria is broke and Nigerians in rich countries like the US, UK, Europe, Saudi, etc lobby for political appointments in the broke country but not to join the Nigerian public universities as lecturers to help fix the broken education system.

Nigeria is broke and Kemi Adeosun came from the UK to pick up a political appointment in the broke country.

Nigeria is broke and Dr. Pantami left Saudi Arabia as Assistant Professor to pick up a political appointment in the broke country.

Nigeria is broke and not a single Minister has ever resigned his appointment because Nigeria is too broke to meet up his needs as a Minister.

Nigeria is broke and yet politicians made elections a do-or-die affair and hire thugs to win. Why will you want to lead a broke country at all costs?

Nigeria is a broke country and yet politicians spend billions of naira on campaigns and vote-buying to win the elections to lead the broke country. Can they get the money back from the broke country?

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Nigeria is broke and every elected political office holder and political appointee comes out richer than they were before getting there.

Nigeria is broke and the government businessmen are getting richer.

Nigeria is broke and corruption is still on the high side and Abuja is a place to be. Where is the money they are stealing?

Nigeria is perhaps only broke to fund education and healthcare delivery at all levels.

Education best described as a child of necessity has been neglected in this broke country.

Nigeria is broke to compensate students who have stoop to conquer, having burnt the midnight candles, winning the forefront in their academic pathway but can give 30 million to a winner of a BBnaija show.

It broke to own a replica of those top notch hospitals abroad but rather her leaders go for medical tourism spending lump sum of money for flight, like going to a restroom every seconds.

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