Nigerian Man Allegedly Used as Drug Deal Collateral by his brother in Pakistan regains freedom (VIDEO)

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Man Allegedly Used as Collateral by his brother in Pakistan regains freedom (VIDEO)
Man Allegedly Used as Collateral by his brother in Pakistan regains freedom (VIDEO)
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9News Nigeria has learnt that the Nigerian man whom his brother allegedly used as a ‘drug deal’ collateral in Pakistan has finally regained his freedom.

The man was on a viral video being tortured by Pakistani drug lords who had taken him hostage after sending illegal drugs to his brother in Nigeria and awaiting their payment.

In the viral video, the man was seen screaming in agony while receiving strokes of cane by his alleged boss, who is called Morlose. According to an unconfirmed reports, the man was allegedly used as collateral by his uncle who breached the unnamed business agreement and abandoned his brother to die in Pakistan.

Man Allegedly Used as Collateral by his brother in Pakistan regains freedom (VIDEO)
Man Allegedly Used as Collateral by his brother in Pakistan regains freedom (VIDEO)

It seemed like that payment was not made on agreed time, hence the abductors tortured and threatened the life of the human-collateral should his brother fail to pay up agreed money.

9News Nigeria learnt that the man who hails from Akwa Ukwu town in Anambra state was rescued by his kinsmen who met together in a bar and discussed the matter. The man’s kinsmen later contributed money to come up with the amount that was owed to the Pakistani drug lord and paid the ransom for his immediate release.

According to information that was posted on one Ngozi Ikebuaso’s facebook timeline, the man was later released and taken to hospital to receive medical treatments.

Ngozi had posted:

“Good move by Akwa Ukwu people, they have decided to contribute money and have spoken with Morlose (Pakistan man) to save the life of their brother being beaten by Pakistani men in the viral video. “

The rubbish guy that gave him up as a collateral is still on the run, but he won’t run forever”

“They have released the guy and the guy is well now after receiving treatment in the hospital.”

” His God is awake, and made the video to go viral for people to see and intervened.”

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel known as Njenje Media TV, shared a video of the meeting held by the men of the Akwa Ukwu in a bar by which they agreed and contributed money to release their brother.

Watch the video.

Nigerian man held as drug deal collateral in Pakistan has been freed
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