Nigerians are crying out for ‘Peace, Peace’, non is crying out for ‘Justice’ – OE

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Reading diverse news papers from Nigeria, with all having a particular trend of reports indicating impending doom mostly in the areas of the economy and security,  It becomes glaringly conspicuous that Nigeria is actually in real danger and in dire need for urgent attention.

I therefore decided to write this article peradventure it may make sense to the powers that be and Nigerians whose deaf ear may be opened to hear war drum sounding at the village square.

Our dear country needs to be saved and we need to do something as a united people.

I reminisce on the song by late Peter Tosh of Jamaica titled ‘Equal Rights’ in which the singer chanted that “Everyone is crying out for peace peace, yet Non is crying out for Justice” .

I think that this is becoming the case of Nigeria today.

In the current situation of Nigeria where chaos and lawlessness is becoming the order of the day; insecurity is becoming the part and parcel of the things to worry about in almost every state of Nigeria; Peace has become the most precious prayer point of every average Nigerian these days.

Peace is what every part of Nigeria is craving for now, as we watch the security of lives and properties of Nigerians being blown away by the wind of injustice.

Justice for all is an indispensable condition that must be deployed as soon as possible in order to retrieve and rebound the Peace and Peaceful co-existence of Nigerians in every part of Nigeria.

Justice and Fairness are sine qua nons to Peace.

A wise question to be asked is WHY and HOW did the usual peaceful co-existence among the diverse tribes of the country got broken and getting close to shattering state?

At this point in time, I think Nigerians, the rulers and the ruled should start now to have a sober reflection on some of the issues that are being raised or agitated for in different parts of the country where agitation has rooted and flourishing.

There is a proverb that says that there is no fire without a smoke , and another one says that when a child is crying and pointing a finger towards a particular direction, it is wise to look towards that direction and find out what the child might be pointing at.

At this point, those who still believe in Nigeria and are sincerely patriotic should should have a ponder than raising alarm on why and how we got to this unbearable stage of the history of this beautiful and blessed country, Nigeria.

I am using this piece of writing to plead with myself, Nigerians and especially our leaders to please initiate opportunities whereby different pressure and agitating groups and regions, no matter how insignificant they may appear should voice out their anger and areas where they feel the pain, and then be asked what they feel should soothe their pains and bring succor.

By so doing, we would have been able to identify the problems in earnest and honesty and then proffer possible solutions through dialogues.

I am of the opinion that peace can not be achieved if Justice is not at the reach of all and sundry. By choking Justice, we only create atmosphere for struggle and agitation because no body stays quiet when he is choking.

The secrete to the PEACE of Nigeria lies in allowing every body in Nigeria to have a sense of belonging and creating atmosphere for fairness for all.


By Obinna Ejianya @obinna_ejianya



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