#NORTHBLEEDING:, President: MUHAMMADU BUHARI plead Nigerians to pray for USA over the killings of 80+ people being killed by disastrous tornadoes.

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PRESIDENT MUHAMMAD BUHARI ignores killings and kidnapping in the NORTHERN – STATES, insecurity and inflation in Nigeria Urges Nigerians to pray for USA over the killings and destruction of property being caused by heavy disastrous wind storm called tornadoes.

The disastrous tornadoes that have left about six states in the US recently have gotten the attention of President Buhari President Buhari, reacting to the tragedies, sent his heartfelt sympathies to the US government and citizens Buhari also urged Nigerians to keep praying for victims and survivors of the tornadoes who are going through a tough time.

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed sympathies with the government and people of the United States over devastating tornadoes that ravaged six states, killing at least 80 persons with large-scale destruction of properties recorded. The Nigerian leader called on fellow citizens to join the rest of the world in praying for the rescue of those still trapped in the rubble and the quick recovery of victims and their families. The tornadoes have ravaged at least six states in the US (Photo: RVPG media) Source: UGC In his reaction to the catastrophe, President Buhari noted: .

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