Obasanjo Strengthens Support For Peter Obi/Datti, Doled Out Billions Of Naira To Support Electronic Voting Not Rigging

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From Princely Onyenwe

Ex Nigerian President, Olesegun Obasanjo OBJ has come out bold to show support for South East presidential slot.

This time around, he has moved N5B to INEC official account to back up efforts to ensure Electronic Voting while insisting that INEC should maintain due process not Rigging in the upcoming elections.

In his several statements and meetings with national stakeholders, OBJ has reeled out possibilities for the South East to have their turn in the presidential position of the country.

His moves are solidly supported by millions of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

According to OBJ, Peter Obi will win the President of NIGERIAN in the upcoming election the election Umpire INEC is not bought over.

Also it is wise to allow the South East to showcase their turn as NIGERIAN PRESIDENT since ages the zone have not produced any President.

He added that irrespective of Political manipulations and party differences, Labour Party LP has showcased the best Presidential Candidate NIGERIANs want and should be granted that freedom to rule the country through a Free and fair Election not rigging.

Peter Obi

Our correspodent spotted OBJ in a Secret meeting with all INEC officials, where he made some comments.

He said that the only thing that can stop Peter Obi from winning the 2023 election is only when they rigged him out, but am here to show the world and Nigerians that once a soldier is always a soldier.

It will be impossible to Rig this election under my watch, the history am about to create with Obi will forever be remembered even after am gone, I will bring out my last Strengths and power to safeguard Nigeria through Obi, it’s no long Obi but me.

Last few days Tinubu sent 78 men to my house begging me to reverse Obi’s endorsement and turn it to APC, APC a free house where satan makes a decision.

On live television, Tinubu called me the greatest election rigger in the history of Nigeria, am out to show him that when I started playing politics, he was still busy moving drugs from one country to another

Tell him that Obasanjo said that Obi is his president and no force in Nigeria can stop it unless through INEC rigging.

OBJ futher moved N5B to INEC official account to show support for Electronic Voting while stating that Due Process is what NIGERIANs need Not Rigging.

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