OBJ and PMB: The Paradoxes And Contradictions – Richard Odusanya

Nigeria Nation in Crisis
Nigeria Nation in Crisis

Let’s begin by discussing the Obj’s interview. Obasanjo: “I knew Buhari didn’t understand economics but didn’t know he was so reckless.” The octogenarian retired general and former HoS/President, has been a regular phenomenon in Nigeria’s history both in and out of office, offering comments — even if controversially — on political and economic issues. In this interview with TheCable, he gives his account of the past and present in such a paradoxical and somehow contradictory manner of a self-inflating rhetoric.

In his words “How Buhari Mismanaged Nigeria’s Economy in Eight Years”. Is it a case of the tail wagging the Dog? Akin to an unnecessary issue controlling our own pressing needs as a nation in dire strait. What a contradictions! Today, as we stand on the threshold of history; It is with a deep sense of responsibility and humility, that I voluntarily penned my response to the paradoxes and contradictions as well as some hidden facts about the statement credited to two of our former HoS/Presidents. Obj had posited: “Buhari was spending money recklessly. I know Buhari didn’t understand economics. I put that in my book. But that he could also be so reckless, I didn’t know. Who would you go to today and ask for a favour?”

Before I continue with this contribution that focuses on paradoxes and contradictions; I will like to inform my esteem readers about part of my trajectory in what is considered the “Corridors of power” It is thus, imperative to put the records straight. Incidentally, I met the former President, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo as he then was a few days before the February 14, PDP convention in Jos where he emerged as the candidate for the 1999 general elections. The meeting was at the instance of Brig-Gen Leo Ajiborisa RTD, the then principal staff officer (PSO) to the then HoS Gen A. Abdulsalam.

Consequently, the meeting that was held in his presidential suite as the sixth floor of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja which subsequently led to an introduction of his friend ‘Oyewole Fasawe’ to me. In his characteristics manner, he spoke in native Yoruba dialect saying: “Otunba, wa oo aburo ee ti ejo ma se’ise re” meaning this is your younger brother that you will work with. That was the beginning of the journey into what was considered as the “outer-box” of the president. In-between, I played a very important role in the inaugural committee under the leadership of erudite Prof Tunde Adeniran and other colleagues namely: Dr Gbolade Osinawo of the blessed memory, Arch Ferdinand Agu and Dame Pauline Tallen. Long story short, it is on record that I voluntarily left the system when my conscience could not agree with so many things immediately after the inauguration for second term of Obasanjo regime.

Flowing from the above, let me continue with my reactions of Obj’s interview with TheCabel:

  1. I am in complete agreement with Obj, that the brand of governance practised in West societies would never work for us. Our people are too different, culturally, psychologically, mentally and traditionally. So also is their brand of education/curricula because it is designed to perpetuate our enslavement.
  2. It seems, though not said, that Obj, was insinuating that our people are involuntarily exploitative, intrinsically wicked and naturally self-destructive. Stealing to destroy all of us seems to be why many seek public office.
  3. Without much reservations, I admire what Obj did with President Umoru Yar’dua of the blessed memory. But the medical doctor must have known more than he advised. I also believe that those who programmed and ultimately listed Yar’dua as no 1 probably got to the doctor to influence his advice!
  4. Our ruinners are those who seek power and gain it through the misfit system of governance and justice that we have wrongly adopted.
  5. We need to think more about a model for governing this entity. I am going to try and put together what I have had in my head over several years in a book form.

On the issues of P&ID, Sunrise and Leno Adesanya and many other fraudulent activities including the Ajaokuta stinking fraud, I know much more than the informations the interview provided and I will be willing to submit documents to the parliament through the privatization committee. This is part of the reasons why I could not buy into the Peter Gregory Obi’s Shenanigans, because, Peter is sufficiently entrenched in the dubious system and he is just the poster guy for “Tom-Foolery” although they succeeded in driving our people into ‘grandiose delusion in stupendous illusion’.

In conclusion, I therefore, wish to conclude this contribution that focuses on paradoxes and contradictions by disagreeing completely with my friend Mallam Garba Shehu, that Muhammad Buhari is a messiah that saved Nigeria’ with due respect Mallam Garba Shehu, capital NO! Muhammadu Buhari is the replica of the biblical prodigal son, an abuser of grace and a squanderer. This is in total agreement with Obj’s interview with TheCabel. Although, Obj himself is not different from PMB. It therefore, amount to “Paradoxes And Contradictions”.

Richard Odusanya is a Mind Restructuring Enthusiast.

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