Okene Ogori-magongo Federal Constituency Deserves Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe – Comrade Opata Abdallah Reveals His Manifestos

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From the history of Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency, the masses lack a representatives that can bring their dreams to reality, it is obvious that many that were entrusted with mantle of representation of the Constituency failed to represent the masses due to their personal desires, it high time we evaluate the mindset of whom we will chose to represent us this time, how do we do that? The antecedent of a man speaks more than his words.

In an ambiguous tune, Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe had shown the good people of Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency that he has what it takes to bring the to us what a good representative is all about, I believe when giving the chance he will do more than he has done in the past even when he has no political office.

Let no be decieved by the forces/power of impossion, Okene/Ogori-Magongo need a representative that can make our Constituency a better place for the next generation, how can that be achieved with Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe?

Human Developmental Idea: Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is a symbol of human development who had received so many awards portraying him as an Icon of human development due to his relationship with the grassroots, he does not believes in giving fishes but giving hooks and nets is what he believes. He has made so many people stand on their feets which he believes that those people would be able to raise many, that’s the best tool for poverty eradication which every community should have, if giving the chance he will do more and that one is sure.

Scholarship Programs: Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is a man everyone knows as a Father Figure for all, recently a lady took her social media handle to express gratitude to Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe over his generous support before she could achieved her academic program, so many that were still in school and many that were on a low-key. If such person with his kind of mentality clinch any political office he will triple his efforts in making our Constituency a better place for all, with the support from government purse and his personal strength, Okene Ogori-Magongo will become a dream land for the elites.

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Skills Aquisition Program: Idle mind they said is the devil’s workshop, thousand of people are out there had nothing doing, how do we expect to move the constituency forward when the numbers of production force is lower than the numbers of consumers and we have many production mindset but they were not opportune and that made them looks irresponsible or unfortunate but when we have a leader that believe in productivity Okene Ogori-Magongo will be a conducive place for all due to exchange of idea and products. I can assure you that Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is the man that make it possible.

Empowerment Program: Many of our constituents who are craftmen has no strength to secure the facilities need to setup their business. People who knows Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe for his benevolence character and charitable attitude can testify that he is a man who has empowered over a hundred youths across his constituency with startup capital which enable them to stand on their feets, if Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe were giving the chance to represent the good people of Okene Ogori-Magongo he will do more, he can never do less.

Rehabilitation And Revitalization Of Hospital: We can’t let health sectors untouched if we want to talk about good representative of the masses at the national assembly because health sectors play vital roles in the life of our constituency. Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe is a man who in his personal strength has been reaching out to people who need medical attention, which we believe that once he clinch the office of Okene Ogori-Magongo house of representatives he will not just do more in reaching out to the masses who need medical attention but also to rehabilitate and revive all the primary health sectors in his constituency so that the people at the grassroots can have the medical attention they deserve.

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Women Empowerment Programs: in the history of politics our women has been marginalized in terms of political benefits mean while women are the strength of electoral decisions.
Hon. Sanni is a man who has empowered lots of women with capital to start businesses of their choice and we believe he won’t do less when he get to the political office of his dreams. When he was empowering youths, adults and leader with cars women were not left out, we can count three or five women that were fortunate and in no distance time Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe will kick start another women empowerment that will surprise the people of Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency as it is going to be one of it kind. Anything man can do a woman can do same, so he the intention of including women in his legislative aides as no woman from Okene Ogori-Magongo has ever had the taste of that appointment.

Building Up The Bridge Of Marginalization Between Okene Local Govt. And Ogori-Magongo: During his consultation and tour across the two local government, the people of Ogori-Magongo has complained bitterly that no representatives has ever carry them along in terms of appointment and infrastructure development, so he has take it upon himself to bridge that gap once he becomes the people representatives of Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency. It is of no doubt that he will act accordingly because he is not a man of too many words but he is a man who stick to his promises once he made any. In terms of legislative aides and others appointments he will make sure that create a new Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency that every other person that will represent the constituency will emulate. He is known many that he is not a leader with sugar coated lips that left their promises where they were made.

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Infrastructural Development: It is not far from the truth that many who has represent us never care to developed our constituency during the times they spent in the office. Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe who is well known as a man of exposure, who have traveled to many countries and had business in many foreign countries won’t lack of he knowledge of developing his country home (Okene Ogori-Magongo).

Dear good people of Okene Ogori-Magongo federal constituency, with these few but reasonable manifestos from Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe, I can assure you all that the future of our dear constituency is safe in the hands of Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe the people Democratic Party candidate for House of Representatives in the forthcoming election.

Vote wisely! Vote PDP.
Your vote counts, Vote The Right Choice.
Vote for A Man that has plan for the next generation.
Vote Hon. Sanni Salau Ogembe.

(Comrade Opata Abdallah Writes From Kogi State)

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