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– Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

It is only in Imo State that you will see the so called billionaires cluster around Government House from Monday to Friday looking for 1kilometre road contracts.

Go to Anambra, all there billionaires have headquarters either in Lagos or Nnewi.

When ever you see any Anambra billionaire close to Gov. Willie Obiano, either he came to beg the governor to come and commission his factory or roads he built individually or he came to support the governor with cash to help the state.

Go to all the federal and state universities in Anambra, all the hostels are being built by their billionaires, then donate it out to the school management. It is a challenge in Anambra today.

It is only In Imo state, you see the so called audio billionaires clustering around the office of the Chief of Staff begging for a brief to enable them see the governor.

None has any investment in imo still they claim to be billionaires.

The best estates in Imo are owned by Anambra people.

The best hotels in Imo are owned by Anambra people.

The best night clubs in Imo are owned by Anambra people, still we claim to have billionaires in Imo

It is time we challange all these so called self acclaimed billionaire to show us their business address in Imo, for charity begins at home.

The late John Anyaehie will tell u there is money in business, forget politics, it will destabilise your resources and render you useless.


An average Imo bigman feels he can be a billionaire through government contract. The question is, how much does Imo State have to make you a billionaire?

if you move around Imo State today, everywhere you go is Everyday Supermarket. Who owns it?
Anambra person.

The real genuine billionaires we had in Imo are now late. People like John Anyaehie them, Ozigbo of ABBA them, Ferdinand Anaghara them, Maduako them, Teo and Teo them, etc.

As for the living .
I respect people like Orange Drugs them, Christopher Ohuruzor (ishimiri Amucha) them, Sir Tony Chukwu them, etc.

Chai I remember one of the best young billionaire, Late Ndubisi Emenike.

Go around Owerri, everywhere is Cocean Oil and Gas, if death have allowed him, that young man and his elder brother could have been like Innoson or Ibeto In Imo.

There are wealthy men who contributed money in making of this government, yet you can never see them around the Government house. They are busy with there calling in entrepreneurship while Charvon is busy from one office to another looking for were to gossip.

I witnessed that faithful night when IFECO, the APC House of Assembly candidate, Ikeduru State Constituency and Chief Charles Amadi aka Charvon ran away with Ikeduru election money, from Senator Hope Uzodinma Campaign Office, and I asked my self, If the youths had mobbed Charvon that night, so he will die because of 15 million naira, still he claims he is a billionaire.

Ndi Billionaire Imo State gbakwa oku!

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha writes from Owerri.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs