Opinion: The Osita Izunaso Humble Challenge- Part One- Dr Samuelson Iwuoha

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

It is no longer a hidden fact. The difference between  Distinguished Senator Barrister Osita Izunaso  and other perceived   Candidates for Orlu Senatorial race  is that  KPAKPANDO, as Osita Izunaso is Popularly  Known,  does not wish to run his  Campaign, when INEC blows the whistle,   on anybody’s name or image,  rather he is contesting based on his  Renowned  Personal Achievements, Self Recognition And Contribution To The Growth Of Our Society.

Senator Osita Izunaso is the ONLY  Candidate for Orlu  Senatorial Race that understands the business of the Red Chamber, because he is coming from a background of Legislative  Responsibility, Experience  And Expertise. He is the first And ONLY PERSON in Orlu Zone  who has been to the Green Chamber And   Red Chamber. 

Bearing in Mind that  the legislative Arm Of Government is purely saddled with the Responsibility of Making and Amending laws in line with  the Wishes and  Aspirations of the general public. Since the legislature has the primary function of making laws in a democratic governance, it is very safe to conclude that the Legislature is the Fulcrum of Democracy.

As an experienced legislative hand, Distinguished Senator Osita Izunaso  presented the following People Oriented Bills and Motions, which had long been passed and signed into laws, and approved by the Senate. These Bills and Motions are today impacting positively in the lives of the people of Orlu Zone, Ndimo and Nigerians, generally.


A Bill is a proposal for a New law, or a proposal to change (amend)  an existing law that is presented for debate before Parliament.

Bills are introduced in the  House of Assembly,  the House of  Representatives or Senate for examination, discussion and amendment. The following are Senator Osita Izunaso’s Bills.

1. A Bill For An Act  To Establish The National Agency For The Promotion And Presentation Of Local Languages In And For other Matters Connected Therewith.

2. A Bill For An Act To Prohibit The Conveyance  Of Persons In Containers And Articulated Vehicles In Nigeria And For  Other Matters Connected Therewith.

3. Gas Flaring (Prohibition And Punishment Bill).

4. A Bill For An Act To Make Provisions For The Compulsory Treatment And Care, For The Victims Of Gunshots And For Other Matters Connected Therewith.

5. A Bill For An Act To Establish The Liquefied  Petroleum Gas Council Of Nigeria For Purposes Of Regulating  And Controlling The Operations Of Personnel Engaged In The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sub-sector And For Matters Connected Therewith.

6. Oil Pipelines (Amendment)  Bill.

7. National Agency For Cancer Enlightenment And Screening Act.


A Motion is a proposal put forward for Debate or Decision  in the legislature.  A Motion Must Be proposed (Moved) before any Debate or Vote can take place. The following are Senator Osita Izunaso’s Motions.

1. Alarming Increase In The Use Of Sub_standard  Refilling Gas Cylinders In The Country.

2. Alarming Increase In The Sale Of Babies By Foster And Maternity Homes In The Country.

3. Deceptive Exploitative Promotion By Corporate Bodies Doing Business In Nigeria.

4. Alarming Increase In The Number Of Deaths Resulting From Inhalation Of Emissions From Generating Sets.

5. And So On And So Forth.

From the above Bills and Motions, it is evidently clear that Senator Osita Izunaso is  well Grounded in Legislative matters, and better equipped to go back to Senate to  represent Orlu Zone.

This is because while other Candidates gunning for the same position would spend months and years learning how to present Bills and Motions, Distinguished Senator Osita Izunaso wouldn’t need such  Kindergarten Training to upgrade himself.  He would start work from the very first day of his inauguration as a Senator. 

Not only that, Osita Izunaso, with his Ranking Status, would secure the Chairmanship of Important Committees, Principal Positions and other Accoutrements associated with Ranking Status. Only Distinguished Senator Osita Izunaso can achieve these. Other Candidates  would remain in the “Sea of Delusion”, not knowing what to do in the Senate, for at least two years.

This is just the opening salvo. This is just what is called “Testing The Microphone”. In the Part Two,  Part Three, Part Four, Part Five,  etc,   of this Journey, I will further open the Minds of the Reading  Public on the Osita Izunaso Humble Challenge, which has continued to give perceived opponents who see themselves as “Candidates”  sleepless nights. I will explain in detail, the Bills and Motions (Above)  presented by Senator Osita Izunaso during his outing in  the  Senate between 2007 and 2011, and how they have impacted Positively in the lives of Ndiorlu, Ndimo, Ndigbo and Nigerians.

For Distinguished Senator Osita Izunaso, Experience Counts. When he wins,  I win, you win, we win and everybody wins.

I Rest  My  Pen.

Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, Ekenwohia Ndigbo) writes from Owerri, Imo state Nigeria.

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